4 Desktop Cleanup Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 4 desktop cleanup software for Windows 10 which you can use to clean up your desktop when it’s cluttered with icons and files. It’s easy for a desktop to get cluttered. Files copied from tablets and smartphones or downloaded from the web somehow always end up on the desktop and lets not forget about icons. Applications from the list down below will help you find unused icons, remove them from desktop, organize your files and more.

Let’s look at these one by one.


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CleanDesktop is a portable desktop cleanup software which scans your desktop for unused icons. It searches for icons that haven’t been accessed in the last 30 days. If such icons are found, they are going to be displayed in the main window list.

Once that the icons are on the list, there’s two things that you can do with them. Delete them permanently, and free up desktop space like that, or you can move them to a folder on your desktop called “Unused Icons”.

Get CleanDesktop.

NIT Desktop Cleaner

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NIT Desktop Cleaner is a bit more advanced than CleanDesktop in that not only does it allow you to clean up icons, but also files that you haven’t accessed in a long time.

This desktop cleanup software is an AIR application, so you will need to have AIR framework installed in order to use it. It doesn’t let you choose settings. Files are automatically grouped in folders based on their type (images, videos, text, etc.) and unused icons are archived into a folder if they weren’t accessed in a long time.

Get NIT Desktop Cleaner.

Also, have a look at Deskcretary: Automatically Clean up your Desktop.

Desktop Cleaner

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Desktop Cleaner is basically a file mover for the desktop. By default, it will move all files, except icons, from the desktop, to keep it clutter free. Excludes for other file types can also be setup, not just icons, see image above.

It works continuously in the system tray, checking the desktop to see if there are any new files every X number of minutes (you get to choose the number of minutes between checks). Desktop objects are moved to a folder of your choosing.

Get Desktop Cleaner.


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BeClean is the kind of desktop cleanup software that’s going to help you take care of broken desktop shortcuts, shortcuts that lead to deleted applications.

It will scan the desktop and help you automatically get rid of broken desktop shortcuts, along with lots of other system related junk, see image above. It’s easy to use, just fire it up, put check marks next to what you want to see cleaned up and after that just click on the “Start Cleaning” button. It is possible to tweak settings, but note that this system cleaner is not very customizable.

Get BeClean.

Also, have a look at Free Desktop Cleaner to Arrange Folders: Arrange Your Desktop.


BeClean will let you get rid of those pesky white, broken, “I lead to nothing” icons from the desktop, so you have to have it in your arsenal. NIT Desktop is the best desktop cleanup software if you ask me, even though it has a slight disadvantage where it requires AIR framework to run. Desktop Cleaner will be very helpful to all those who tend to pile up files on their desktop. Try them and let me know what you think in comments down below.

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