TeboCam: Free Webcam Surveillace Software with Motion Detection

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TeboCam is a free webcam surveillance software that lets you monitor your house or office with webcam. This free webcam surveillance software comes with advanced motion detection, so it can detect any activity in the area of view. The best part of this webcam surveillance software is that you can configure it to send email alerts as soon as it detects a movement. It can even attach surveillance images in email.

How to Monitor house with free webcam surveillance software:


Tebocam is quite easy to use. You start with downloading and installing Tebocam from here. After that, you need to do easy setup. For that, you attach webcam to your computer, and point it to area that you want to monitor. Tebocam will show that area in its screen.

An interesting feature of Tebocam is that you can include or exclude an area from motion detection. For example, if you are monitoring a room, you can monitor a particular door for motion detection, or remove fan from motion detection.

After that, you can setup notification options. If you want to be notified by email, you can configure SMTP settings of your email account. If you do not have a paid email service that allows POP3 email, your best bet is to use Gmail.

Once you had one all the settings, you can start this free webcam surveillance software, and it will alert you whenever it detects a motion in the surveillance area.

Tebocam also comes with an option to view your webcam online, but that option is a paid option. You can try HomeCamera which provides this option free.

Also check out other webcam surveillance software, like: Yawcam, Vitamin D, and iSpy.

Features of Tebocam webcam surveillance software:

  • You can set the sensitivity of motion detection, so that something like curtain movement does not triggers off alarm.
  • Specify area that you want to monitor for motion detection, or exclude area that you do not want in motion detection.
  • You can choose to publish images recorded by webcam at regular interval that you can define.
  • It can also create graph of movement over time.
  • Add timestamp to images.

Overall, Tebocam is an easy to use webcam surveillance software that is easy to use, and easy to setup. Download Tebocam free.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 1.7]
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