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Vitamin D Video is a free webcam surveillance software that lets you monitor your home or office using just your webcam, or network cameras. Vitamin D Video comes with some very intelligent options to detect humans and objects in webcam surveillance videos, and provides you with very good options to review your home monitoring video of hours in just a few minutes.

I have reviewed some interesting software earlier that make good use of your webcam, like ManyCam Virtual Webcam, Webcam Signature, and  Gmail Video Chat. I think using your webcam as home surveillance system is probably the best use of it.

I recently wanted to add surveillance to my patio during the time I was away to office, but was quite amazed to see the prices of the surveillance equipment. Then I thought what if I just leave my laptop with my webcam  on. That worked quite well. However, the problem I faced was how to review the recorded video. I would end up recording 8-10 hours of video every day, but when I would start reviewing it I had no idea how to find sections of the video that are of interest to me. So, the idea turned out to be pretty bad.

Then I started searching the web to see if there are some free webcam surveillance software available, and I found Vitamin D Video Surveillance Software. I was quite amazed to see the features available in this free webcam surveillance software, and was astonished with the intelligence that this software has built-in. To cut the long story short, this free webcam surveillance software enabled me to review my whole video in just a few minutes! Read on to find out how.[subscribe-to-us]

Vitamin D Video is really intelligent webcam surveillance software. To start using Vitamin D Video, just install it on your computer, and plug in your webcam (or attach network or IP camera). Then, position your webcam so that your desired area is in view, and start recording.

Vitamin D Video will do the recording just like any other webcam surveillance software. However, what sets Vitamin D Video apart are the features that make it extremely simple to review surveillance video.

Detect Humans in Surveillance Video

Vitamin D Video comes with intelligent algorithms that can detect humans in recorded video. Whenever you want to review your surveillance video, Vitamin D Video will show you sections of the video in which there was some human visible. In this way, you can just review the sections that you are interested in. Vitamin D Video also draws a Yellow rectangle around the humans in surveillance videos, just to show you what exactly is Vitamin D Video tracking.

Detect Moving Objects in  Surveillance Video

Vitamin D Video also lets you detect moving objects in surveillance videos. You can select to see only those sections of videos in which there are some moving objects, and Vitamin D Video will immediately show you those sections of your webcam surveillance video. Moving objects are surrounded by Green rectangle.

Review Surveillance Video for Specified Rules

Vitamin D Video also lets you find sections of webcam surveillance video as per your defined rules. You can specify to review only those sections of videos in which some human is entering or leaving a door, or you can even specify to view only those sections of videos in which some human is present at a particular location for specified interval.

Create Rules to Send Email When Something Happens during Surveillance

One of the great features of Vitamin D Video webcam surveillance software is that it lets you create the rules like I mentioned above, and then it can send you an email whenever any of those rules is satisfied while it is doing surveillance. For example, I can add a rule to send me an email whenever someone tries to jump over a particular section of my patio. Apart from sending email, it can also make some sound when rule is met. I really like this feature.

As you would have guessed till now, Vitamin D Video webcam surveillance software is a really good software to turn your webcam into an advanced home surveillance system. Vitamin D Video is completely free for one webcam or one network camera. If you want to use multiple cameras, you have to buy the pro version.

Here is a small video that gives high level overview of Vitamin D Video webcam surveillance software

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