HomeCamera: Monitor Your Home with Webcam over Web

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HomeCamera is a free software that lets you monitor your home with your webcam, and control your webcams from the web. HomeCamera is a lets you connect any number of webcams or CCTV cameras with your computer, and then you can control all your cameras over the web from HomeCamera website.

I recently reviewed another home surveillance system called Vitamin D. However, that has a limitation that only one webcam can be used with free version. HomeCamera allows up to 4 cameras. This is a really big advantage.

HomeCamera has some really good features:

Extremely Easy Setup:
HomeCamera has made it extremely easy to setup your webcams with HomeCamera. You get easy to understand dialog boxes. In just a few minutes, you will be up and running with HomeCamera.

Connect all your webcams and CCTV cameras:
HomeCamera lets you connect up to 4 webcams and CCTV cameras to your computer, and then monitor your home or office with them. You can place your cameras strategically at your chosen locations, and connect them all to your PC.

Access your cameras over the web:
HomeCamera lets you access all your cameras over the web. You can access HomeCamera from any PC, and phone or PDA that comes with browser.

Lets others access your cameras:
You can provide access to your cameras to others as well. You can choose to provide different sets of access privileges to different cameras.

Get an Alert Whenever a Motion is Detected:
HomeCamera comes with an interesting feature of Motion Sensing. It has sophisticated technology to detect motion. You can configure it to send alert to you if it detects a motion. Alert can be sent to email or your cell phone (cell phone alert is not free). HomeCamera can also include pictures and videos in the alert.

HomeCamera is really good, and the best part is that it is completely free. If you are looking for a free home monitoring system using your webcam, HomeCamera is a good option.

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