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SugarSync is a free software that backs up data online, and also keeps it in sync across multiple computers. Free account of SugarSync gives you 2GB of free online storage space, and supports file syncing across 2 computers.

As is with similar software like Dropbox, Live Mesh, and SpiderOak, SugarSync supports both Windows, as well as Mac computers.

SugarSync Free

SugarSync has some really nice features that would come handy.

File Versioning:

SugarSync keeps multiple versions of file, so you can recover a previous version of the document if you made a mistake in current version. Free account of SugarSync keeps current version of the files, plus past 2 revisions.

Real Time Secure Backup of Data:

SugarSync backs up your files as they change. So, backup is completely real time. Apart from that, SugarSync transmits data using SSL trasmission, and data is stored on SugarSync’s servers using 128 bit AES encryption algorithm. This provides a high level of data security.

Access your Data from Anywhere:

SugarSync also stores a copy of your data online in secure SugarSync website. You can access this data anytime from anywhere if you have internet access. So, if you are on vacation, and need an important file, just go to SugarSync website, and get your file.

Access Data from Any Device:

SugarSync supports a wide variety of devices. Apart from being able to access data from your Windows or Mac computers, SugarSync also provides native support for all type of mobile devices like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

How to Use SugarSync:

SugarSync is really easy to use. You start with creating a free account. Then you intall SugarSync client on all the computers that you want to keep in sync (free version supports max 2 computers). Then you identify the folders that you want to keep in sync, and you are done. SugarSync will keep monitoring files in those folders for any changes, and will automatically sync them online, and to other computers on your network.

SugarSync is a really good free software for online backup of data, and to keep files in sync across multiple computers. It would have been great if there was support for Linux too, so that I could have used this on my Ubuntu laptop as well.

If 2GB is too less for you, you can switch to paid version of SugarSync, or try free services like GoAruna, ADrive, and Wuala.

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Works With: Windows, Mac
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