ADrive: Free 50GB Online Storage and Backup Space

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ADrive is a free Online online backup and online storage space provider that offers 50GB of online space Free! You can use this huge amount of space to keep a backup of your music and video files. The amount of space should be enough to store almost everything from your hard disk into this online storage and backup service. You can then access your files from anywhere.

Free 50 GB Online Storage Space

I have reviewed a few online backup and storage services earlier. The one that had highest storage space was SkyDrive. It offers 25GB of free storage space. ADrive has gone a step further and is offering 50GB of free space. That is amazing.

Here are some of the features of ADrive:

  • Completely free 50GB online space for Individual and Personal use.
  • You can upload entire folders and directory.
  • You can easily share any file with your friends. When you choose the Share option for any file, ADrive will generate a unique URL for that. Anyone can download you file directly by clicking on that unique URL.
  • Access files from anywhere.
  • ADrive lets you edit your Word and Excel files online directly using Zoho editor.
  • Works with Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

The free version of ADrive does not comes with a desktop tool that can automatically keep your data backed up (like Dropbox, and Mozy provide). I would suggest using this free service in conjunction with some backup service that can take care of backups automatically of your important data. Like, you can use ADrive to store your big files, like video and music files, that you do not need to keep updated all the time. Apart from this, you can use Mozy or SpiderOak to take care of automatic backup of your other important filess.

ADrive is really revolutionary in the sense that it is offering highest free online storage space right now. Make a free account before they change their mind! Is there some other good online backup and storage service that you are aware of? Mention in comments.

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