Wuala: Get Free Online Space by Trading Hard Disk Space

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Wuala is a free online backup and storage service. Wuala gives you 1GB of free space. You can store your documents in that, and access from any computer. Wuala also lets you share your folders with your friends, and collobarate on your online documents.

Now, these are the features that most of the online storage services provide, like Dropbox, and Live Mesh (Check out nice review of Dropbox by Michael). And they offer you more space for Free. So, why would anyone go for Wuala?

Here is why Wuala is better than Dropbox or Live Mesh:
Wuala lets you get more than 100 GB of online storage space for absolutely Free! In exchange, you need to donate the same amount of space on your hard disk to Wuala. Wuala will use that to store files of other users (in totally encrypted form, so you can’t make sense of them).

I find this an extremely fantastic idea, because hard disk of computers have become so large nowadays that tons of space remains free (and if you don’t have free space, you can upload your junk – like videos to GoAruna to free up your disk). If you need 10GB additional free space, you can donate just 10GB space, and so on.

Once you trade space on your hard disk to get additional free space online, Wuala also starts giving you Pro features for Free. You will be able to see different versions of your file, and automatic backups. With versioning, you can see old versions of the file, and even recover deleted files.

Wuala provides extremely fast upload and download space because of their innovative technology. People have claimed to have received highest possible upload speeds with Wuala. Wuala does not imposes any limit on bandwidth or traffic.

In terms of security, Wuala keeps your documents completely encrypted, and no one can see your private files (not even Wuala).

Another great feature of Wuala is that Wuala is made in Java, and is completely cross platform. This means you can use Wuala on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is a great advantage for those who have a Windows PC in office, and Mac at home.

If you have some additional free space on your PC, Wuala would be a good option to get free online backup and storage.

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