Live Mesh: Better Alternative to DropBox, 5GB Free Space

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Live Mesh is a free service from Microsoft that lets you synchronize your files and folders so that you can access them from anywhere. You can synchronize your folders across multiple computers, and access all of them anytime from web. Apart from this, Live Mesh also lets you remotely connect to any of your computer. You can access any program on your remote computer, and even access a file or folder that you have not marked for synchronization.

Update: Live Mesh has been integrated with Microsoft SkyDrive now.

Live Mesh is really a beautiful application. As I was reading through it, it seemed a lot like Dropbox. In the same manner as Dropbox, it can keep files and folders synchronized across multiple computers, and can also access them online. However, similarity ends here. On top of these features, Live Mesh adds some really cool features that basically make Dropbox like a thing of the past.

To start with, Live Mesh provides 5GB of free online space, as opposed to just 2GB of free space provided by Dropbox (or even Mozy). This itself makes it worth switching from Dropbox to Live Mesh (just to be fair to Dropbox – Dropbox lets you get more space for free if you refer some friends).

But more space is not just the only feature that interested my in Live Mesh. The killer feature that Live Mesh has is you can access your computers remotely. Basically, from any of your computer, you can access any other remote computer that you have made part of your Live Mesh. You can access any program, or file and folder on your remote computer, and work with them. Absolutely love this feature.[subscribe-to-us]

Live Mesh lightens your burden and lets you synchronize your files so that you can access them from anywhere.And what more,you can even share them with your friends.All you have to do is install this software in your pc and there you go.

Live Mesh works on Windows, Mac, and even your cell phone. The remote access feature works on Windows only.

Here are some of the features of Live Mesh

  • You can synchronize  your files with all your devices
  • You can even view your live desktop from the web which makes it easy for the users to access their files from their friend’s place even when they are not at home
  • You can even invite members and manage them
  • You can see to it that who all have access to the folders
  • You can see news related to the folders and post comments on them
  • You can chat with members through the messenger
  • You can change the synchronization settings for the folders
  • You can see the latest news through the notifier which lets you know what’s happening in your mesh
  • It does not hinder while you are working and you can just click its icon and see the recent notifications
  • It lets you know everything whether any folder has been changed or someone joined or left any folder and so on
  • It lets you share your folders with your friends
  • You can use any programs from the remote computer as well.You can copy and paste files between your local and remote pc
  • You can sync and share folders between your pc and your mac by adding mac to your mesh
  • You can access it from your mobile phone also if it has a web access

This is what you were looking for. Its a wonderful utility which keeps you more organized and lets you sync and share your folders between two devices and allows you to access it from anywhere. Live Mesh gives you 5B of online space completely free. I absolutely love this service. If you just need free online storage space, you are better off with GoAruna, or ADrive.

Bye Bye Dropbox!

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Works With: Windows, Mac
Free/Paid: Free

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