Free Online Application For Secure Messaging: Fugacious

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Fugacious is a free online application for secure messaging along with the self-destruct feature. It assists you for sending confidential information through various messaging platform or email. No more use of heavy software for secure messaging, as you can easily use “Fugacious” to do so. It is a simple and open source application using which you can send sensitive messages without any hassle. For example, you want to send credit card information to a family member then instead of using insecure messaging apps, you can use services like “Fugacious” as the messages get self-destructed and are less vulnerable.

All you have to do is type your message and set self-destruction time. That’s all, you can now share the message either through email or via a unique URL. You might have used many online applications, mobile apps, or extensions to send self-destructing messages, but this one is definitely the simplest (as per my testing) to do so without compromising security.

The following screenshot shows the application interface with different options.

main screenshot

Note: It doesn’t store any archives or cookies and all your messages are deleted from the server after self-destruct time.

How to Send Secure Messages With Self-Destructing Time:

Simply go to the homepage of “Fugacious” and start sending secure messages as no registration required.

How to create messages:

As soon as you open the website, you will be able to see a message bar in which you can start typing your messages instantly. After typing the message, click the button “Create Message” below the bar to create a secure message. The following screenshot shows how to create a new message.

create message

How to set self-destructing time:

Below the message bar there are options for setting self-destructing time of your messages. You can either set the time as per the number of views or set time in hours. The following screenshot shows how to set self-destruct time.

set time

How to send and share secure messages:

After you create a secure message, it will provide you a unique URL which can be used to share the message or you can send the message via email too. If you wish to delete the messages before the self-destructing time, then do not worry as it also has an option to do so. The following screenshot shows how to send and share secure messages.

share messages

My Final Verdict:

Fugacious is definitely one of the finest ways to send secure messages. It also allows you to set self-destructing time for all the messages. Personally, I like this online application as I can send confidential messages without compromising the security. Give it a try.

Try this online application from the link here.

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