5 Free Chat Encryption Software To Have Secure Chats

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Here is a list of 5 free chat encryption software that encrypts your chat messages and provide you secure and protected chat sessions. Sometimes we worry that someone may hack or pry on confidential chat messages. To have fearless and protected chat conversations, I’ve reviewed some chat encryption software which provide additional security. These chat encryption software protect your chat messages against unwanted prying eyes and keep them safe. In addition, these chat encryption software will offer you facilities like encrypted group chats, file sharing, desktop notifications, and much more.

Below I’ve reviewed Ymore, BitDefender Chat Encryption, PrivyTalks, Cryptocat, and ChatCrypt.

Ymore: Encrypt Chat on Yahoo Messenger


Ymore is a free chat encryption software that encrypts your chat messages on Yahoo! Messenger. It encrypts your chat sessions in such a way that no other people can view your private messages, until you permit. Apart from being a chat encryption software, this tool also allows you to set reminders about appointments, tasks, meetings, and other important schedules during chat session. It acts smart and checks invisibility by detecting which friend is actually offline or just appearing invisible. It protects all your chat sessions and provide you secured chat conversations.

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BitDefender Chat Encryption:

BitDefender Chat Encryption

BitDefender Chat Encryption is a free chat encryption software that encrypts your instant messaging chat sessions and protects from being viewed by unwanted persons. It is compatible with Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger. To secure chat conversions, both the partners who are chatting must have this chat encryption software installed on their systems, so that it can automatically encrypt or decrypt chat messages. It works when both the partners are chatting on the same messenger.

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PrivyTalks is a free online chat encryption service that offers you safe and secure way to chat right from your browser. Using this service you can send various confidential information without worrying about the information being hacked by unwanted pry. Simply click on “Create Room” and share the link with your partner with whom you wish to talk privately. As it uses factory standard RSA algorithm, it encrypts your data before sending or receiving it over the web. It is compatible with all the web browsers, smartphones and other portable devices.

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Cryptocat is a free chat encryption software that offers you encrypted chat rooms to encrypt your chat conversations in order to provide you private and accessible instant messaging environment. Group members are suppose to enter same group name and can use any desired nickname for themselves. It keeps your data secure and does not allows any other unwanted person to access your confidential information. This chat encryption software offers you instant group messaging facility and at the same time it lets you share encrypted files with group members. It displays the list of people who are involved in the encrypted group chat. Not only that it provides you desktop notifications along with sound alerts. This chat encryption software is compatible with famous web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

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ChatCrypt is a free chat encryption software that encrypts chat messages, like of military class. This chat encryption software provides you a platform where you can have protected and secured chat environment, where you can discuss all your confidential and secret talks without fearing of your chat being hacked. To begin with the room, you need to create a room by assigning it a name. Then you can choose a username and password. In order to chat with another participant you need to share the name of the chat room and the confidential password. The chat room name and the password is necessary to be same both the sides, otherwise you won’t be able to read the message as it will end up with a bunch of random characters, if you choose another password. To make best use of this chat encryption software you need to create a complex password.

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To have fearless and secured chat conversations, pick your desired chat encryption software and protect your chats against unwanted persons. Drop your opinion and suggestions, if any,  in the comments section below.

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