Free Chat Encryption Software For Yahoo!Messenger: Ymore

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Ymore is a free chat encryption software that encrypts all your instant chat messages on Yahoo!Messenger. It runs inside Yahoo!Messenger and gives you a feel that Yahoo!Messenger itself is providing protection against unwanted pry on your chat messages.

ymore chat encryption software

Yahoo!Messenger does not encrypt your instant chat messages by default. That means, anyone on your network can potentially view your private chat conversations effortlessly. Ymore encrypts all your chat sessions and prevent your private messages from being viewed by other people on your network.

Besides securing your chat, you can also set reminders about meetings, appointments, or other important things that you schedule during your chat conversations. Apart from that, it also helps in detecting how many of your friends, who appears invisible, are actually offline.

Protect your Conversation with Ymore Chat Encryption software:

You can protect your private chat conversations on Yahoo!Messenger using Ymore. The only thing you need to do is to download and install the software on your system. Ymore works only with Yahoo!Messenger desktop client and can not encrypt messages sent from the web or mobile version of Yahoo!Messenger.

Both you, and your chat partner have to install Ymore, in order to have protected chat sessions. Once installed, it will automatically start encrypting your chat messages in background. Thus, you can have a protected chat conversation on Yahoo!messenger with Ymore chat encryption software.

ymore interface (01)
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Key Features of this Chat Encryption Software:

  • Secure Chat Conversations: Ymore automatically encrypts all your chat sessions and prevent your personal chat messages from being viewed by other people on your network or ISP.
  • Integrated with Yahoo!Messenger: All of its features are fully integrated with Yahoo!Messenger. This gives an impression as if it’s an in-built functionality of Yahoo!Messenger.
  • Set-up Reminders: You can set reminders about events, meetings, appointments, and other important to-dos, that you discuss with your friend while chatting. These reminders show custom messages and can be rescheduled. If you remain offline when your are supposed to receive a reminder, Ymore will send the reminder, and it will be notified the very next time you log on to your Yahoo!Messenger account.

ymore reminders

  • Check Invisibility: Ymore gives an amazing feature of finding whether a person, who is appearing offline in your contact list, is actually offline or just have got invisible for the time being. This helps you in contacting such people if it’s really urgent.

ymore invisibility check

The Final Verdict:

Ymore is a handy and reliable chat encryption software that can encrypt your Yahoo!Messenger chat sessions and prevent your private messages from being viewed by unwanted people. It’s an efficient tool to ensure protected chat conversations, and detecting which of your friends are actually offline or just appearing invisible.

Download Ymore free.

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Works With: Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003 SP1, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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