9 Free Online Reminder Services

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Here are 9 free Online Reminder Services which let you remember your friend’s birthday, anniversaries, things to do, important dates and events, meetings and also insurance renewal. All these online reminder services are completely free.

Alertful Reminders


Alertful Reminders is free software that helps you remember your friend’s birthday, anniversaries, things to do, important dates and events, meetings and also insurance renewal. The application is web based and you need not require to register yourself with the website. The user friendly app interface will guide you to the particular reminder to which you want to set up, and you can fill short and simple form to schedule your alarm.

The application is very easy to use, that even novice can use this freeware. When you open the web site, the site will guide you to the page where different tabs are arranged with the particular kinds of reminders. If you want to set up a reminder for your friend’s birthday than you can click on the tab and fill in the details and the freeware will send you reminder email in your account on the scheduled date.

Read more about Alertful Reminders, or try free here.

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HassleMe is free application that reminds you about every lil possible thing that you might forget in your busy schedule like feeding to the fish, taking pets to vet or renewing your insurance policy. The application is designed to send you reminders in an uneven pattern. Interestingly, with this freeware the reminders received by you at semi-unpredictable intervals, thus if you want a reminder service that keeps reminding you about little but important things frequently than this the freeware you might like.

The application is simple to use and operate. Just mention the frequency in which you want the reminder to be sent to you say in every 3 days, and this freeware will send you email reminder in every 3 days but at unknown time. You can also add more than email id separated by commas and the app will pick one email at random once.

Try HassleMe free here.


LetterMeLater is another free email reminder service in our list that helps users to set up reminders for important dates and time and schedule them at particular time and dates. You can set an email for more than one date and also recur them for convenience. The app is simple and free. The application has email reminder system, thus you may format an email to this freeware and the app will send the email formatted by you on the addresses mentioned by you.

The freeware is easy to use, you require signing up little form with the application and you can send reminders to the email account you want. Once purpose of this free reminder service is to give you freedom of setting date and time at which the reminder will be sent to you. For using the service appropriately you are advised to mention your time zone correctly, as the email reminder will be sent to you at the mentioned time taking care of the time zone you live in.

Try LetterMeLater free here.



MemoToMe is free app that offers its users to set up email reminders for your home and workplace. With this free reminder service you will not forget your important dates and events and do not miss any meetings and conference. The freeware offers you features and functions that you might want form your email reminder. The application is web based and requires you to sign up a detailed form that requires your login name, password, email address, time zone and time and date format.

You can format an email for yourself with this freeware which will be sent to you on your email account on the date and time you scheduled it to.

Try MemoToMe free here.


Remindeo is a free online reminder application which let’s you set reminders for anything which you should never forget. This free online reminder application basically reminds you birthdays, appointments, anniversaries and several other activities or tasks which you should never forget in your busy schedules. Remindeo is a smart online reminder application, as it is smart enough to send the reminders as emails or to your mobile phones according to the specified time. In addition, you are even allowed to make notes about the to-dos, ideas and meeting notes. Remindeo is an easy to use online reminder service and you need to go through a very simple and painless registration process for using it. Adding a reminder is such a simple task and it hardly takes few seconds to add a reminder. You are allowed to choose how often the reminder should be sent, time of the day to send reminders, etc. Try Remindeo for free.



Nyabag is a free web-based reminder service which alerts you about important things which you shouldn’t forget in your busy schedules. This free reminder service offers an easy way to set reminders or alarms for any important task, as you simply need to enter the name of the reminder, choose the date, check the alert me option. Now, you need to choose the frequency of alert, when should this service alert you, alert time, choose the type of alert whether it should by via email, via SMS or both. Then click the save button to finally save the reminder. You are even allowed to create lists of those tasks which you need to perform again and again. In addition, you are even allowed to add notes to your reminders. Apart from reminding you about your important tasks, it even acts like your personal diary to note down things happening in your daily life. If you are looking for a very basic and straight-forward online reminder service, then I would suggest you to try Nyabag.


myMemorizer is free application that has interactive online calendar that will help you to add your events and schedules for the reminder. The application is in the form of calendar where you can click on the desired date in the calendar and add your event description in the tabs. The application requires no sign up or downloading. You can start using the free service straight away.

The application has facility to send you reminder on the desired time and date and you can set the reminder to recur every week, month year, thus dates that recur can be scheduled for reminders once only. Also send email and sms reminders by adding your email address or cell phone number to the application.

Try myMemorizer free here.



RemindTime, the name itself clarifies that, this is a free online reminder service to remind you about all important activities which you should never miss. For using ReminderTime, you need to register yourself by providing you email address, residential address, country, etc. Creating a reminder is really simple, as you simply need to click the New reminder option, then choose the reminder template, add reminder message, add date and reminder time, etc , check your email address in the email box and click the Save and Proceed option. Now, this will take you to window in which you need to choose how much time before this service should remind you a particular task. Once you choose it according to your preference, click the Save and proceed option. That’s all you need to do for creating a reminder. You are even allowed to edit the reminder anytime and make changes to it.


Freminder is last one on this list for free reminder service online. With this app you will not forget an important date again. You save your entire important database online with the application storage system and avoid missing them.

The application sends you email reminders in your email account so that you can check them timely while you are at work or at your home. You can also create shared reminder groups with as few or as many reminders as you like to share. Also share the dates and events with entire family.

Try Freminder free here.

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