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Laytr is free web service to get email reminders, and schedule emails for future. Create mails and schedule email as per your choice. Just send your mails to Laytr’s email address,  and forget about it. When your schedule time comes, the application will return the mail to you, or to whoever you want.

You can create your reminders in one line or longer ones with as much formatted text and attachments as you want. In addition, by harnessing the possibilities of those extended reminders, you can set up a powerful system for getting things done. Similar application we reviewed earlier is FollowUpThen.


The application works on simple mechanism. It provides its users with very easy to remember and containing general simple English language keywords to address your mail to Laytr which is actually your own free web service of setting reminder and scheduling your mail. When you have emails that you do not have to send right now, but need to send at a later time without fail than Laytr is handy.

With this free web service, create your email and send them to a particular address to Laytr. Laytr interface has three important fields: To- where you have to address your mails that means schedule your mails, CC- to add extra schedules and Subject line. Also read: Comodo AntiSpam a spam filter for your email account.

Now these addresses are also unique and contain different keywords for setting schedules. Very simple, if you want to send an email on Monday then just type in address on the address line [email protected]. The application is coded actually with simple logic that it will take the schedule specified by you before ‘@’-mark in the address.  Why only specify day? You can also specify the date, month, and time to schedule the mails. Like if you want, you can type [email protected] where by your mail will be sent or returned to you (as per the address mentioned) when date will strike to 3rd October at 10.30 AM.

What you can do with Laytr?

Set Email Reminders

You set reminders with this free web service. You can set the reminders, just by emailing your reminders to Laytr with some specific keywords using as an email address. The application will send you mail again when the schedule time will strike. You can use these reminders and moreover, the reminders are in email form. Such reminders are good way if you do not want your reminders to shared by your secretary or other staff. You can also read Free email reminders for a similar service.

Schedule Emails

Laytr is wonderful tool when you want to schedule sending your emails and important documents. If you are planning to send an email on particular time and you are not sure whether you will be able to make the time, than use Laytr and avoid worrying about the your important mails. All you have to do is, as usual when you address your mail to desired schedule, than add address of your recipients in the subject line enclosed with (parenthesis). Laytr will send your e-mail to those addresses, instead of returning the e-mail to you and will issue you a receipt to notify. You can also try Deferred Sender to Schedule Email for Future.

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