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Followupthen is an efficient free email reminder tool. Unlike other reminder tools, FollowUpThen sends you reminders via email, and you setup reminders via email. You do not need to download or install anything in the whole process, and do not even need to create a free account. Just send an email to FollowUpThen’s email address in a specific format based on the type of reminder you want to setup, and FollowUpThen will send you email back at the time you want to be reminded. Couldn’t become simpler.

Almost every one of us has to follow up certain things which are very important. But sometimes we forget to followup those important things which affect our business or whatever it is related to. Most of us are using google/yahoo calendar to set up a reminder but if you want a more convienient and easy way to follow up all your sent emails then you must use Followupthen. I am sure you must be thinking how this followupthen free email reminder works? Let us consider this example:-

Lets say you have to collect your payment from XYZ company and you have sent an email to the concerned authority for your payment. Now due to any reason you forgot to remind the client for payment collection, what would you do then? Here is the solution; Followupthen automatically forwards an email to your client for payment collection and keeps on sending the email at desired intervals set by you until the issue is resolved. This is a cool and handy tool which works like your office assistant working on your behalf when you are not in the office.


How To Use Email Reminders?

This free email reminder program does not require any account to get started. It is very simple to use. Just create an email and in any one of the field “To”, “Cc” and “Bcc” include [schedule format]

If you are scheduling this email for the first time, then you need to confirm your email address first and then your scheduled reminders will be started. If you are using “To” field for follow up then you will get a reminder after the time interval you specify.

When “Cc” field is used both your recipient and you receive a follow up of that email but only when Your recipient has selected “reply all” to include followupthen on their response for us to know about it. At last when you are using “Bcc” field only you will receive a followup regardless of reply sent by the recipient.

There is an option to cancel follow-ups. Just send an email to [email protected] and you are done.You can use different time interval like [email protected], [email protected], Different days followup like [email protected], Specific date followup like 20th [email protected] to followup all your emails.

FollowUpThen is the easiest and best way for reminders that I have come across. Another similarly innovative reminder tool I liked was TwitterCal. If you do not like to share your email address, or prefer traditional reminder software, you can use free desktop reminder software, or free online reminder.

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