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E is a free service which is quite effective for making online business cards. It has a very simple interface which can be used by any user having basic knowledge of computer. You just have to add your picture, name of the company, website, your name and at last you have to add all your social network accounts here in this free service, E and you are ready to go.

Once you sign up for a free account on E, then you will be asked to add your photo and all the details of your social media networks and also some personal details and you are done. What makes this free service for creating online business cards, E unique is that you can create multiple business cards at a time with E. You can also read our reviewed articles on designing business cards like PagePlus, and Project ROME.

Now this interesting feature comes into play when you have create two business cards one for official purposes and other for personal purposes at a time. But you must know that the final card which is made consists of all the information like social networks account information and personal details. That’s not all you can even use this free service, E on mobile phones and sharing all your contact details and other details in a handy way.

This free service for making business cards online i.e. E has come up with an application for iphone and this application can be downloaded from the itunes store. With this application for iphone both the users who want to share details are automatically connected on some social networks and they can exchange cards with each other in a handy way.


E for Everybody can be used by all the people who want to create multiple cards at a time and want to instantly share it with all their friends. So use this free service for making online business cards, E right now!

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