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Alertful Reminders is a free application to setup online reminders, which helps you to remember events and dates. This web based reminder service is free and more importantly, you do not require signing in or installing any application. Alertful Reminders is a free web service, whereby you can set alerts of the events and dates important to you, and in return the web application will send you reminder mail. The application is very simple and hassle free.

Many times we forget important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, but with this free web service you will never forget any dates. The application is completely web based and does not require any installation. You even need not sign in or register yourself. Just fill up simple reminder form and forget the worries about the dates. The application allows you set multiple dates and reminders.


What reminders you can set with Alertful Reminders?

  • Birthday reminder
  • MOT renewal reminder
  • Thing to do reminder
  • Meeting reminder
  • Insurance renewal reminder
  • Holiday reminder

And other kinds of reminders like

  • Call someone reminder
  • Shopping reminder
  • Money reminder
  • Pet to the vet reminder
  • Feed the dog reminder
  • Custom reminder

How does this online reminder service work?

The web application is very easy. As you use the service you will be asked the kind of reminder you want to set. For example, if you want to set a reminder to call someone, then just click on the paper tabs in the web site and you will be directed to the page where a short reminder form will be given to fill. The form is very important as it requires details from you regarding the date and reminder details.

You will be asked to enter your email address, as the application sends you email reminders. You can add the date on which you want to be reminded and the message along with the reminder which is actually a short description about the reminder. You can also read related articles to set up email reminders like Laytr, and FollowUpThen.

You will be sent mail on 9.00AM on the specified date. It is very important to mention your correct time zone as the application is globalized and will send email on nine every morning on the specified date. So if you mention incorrect time zone than it is bound to happen that your email will be delivered either early or late.

The emails sent by the application are also very intuitive and eye catching. It does not send you a text mail. In fact you receive a email in graphics form with the short description added by you. So that as soon as you get the mail you recall the date and event immediately. You can also read Free Post It Notes software to set reminders of things to do.

Keep in touch with your friends and you will not miss any birthdays or occasions while you use free Alertful Reminders. It will not let you miss any phone calls you need to make or bills that you have to pay.

Some of the improvements that we would love to see in Alertful are: Option to send reminder on Twitter, option to specify time of reminder, and option of getting reminder by SMS.

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