ChatCrypt: Free Online Chat Encryption Tool To Have Secure Chat Room

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ChatCrypt is a free online chat encryption tool that offers you a chat room to have encrypted chat messages, like military grade encryption. This chat encryption tool provides you a platform to have secure chats, where you can discuss all your confidential and secret talks without any fear of hacking. You just have to assign a name to the chat room and then choose a username and a password in order to create a confidential chat room.

ChatCrypt offers a unique chat encryption facility to the users, that only the partners of the same chat room sharing the same password can read each others messages. It offers a number of random characters to those participants who may acquire the conversation without proper knowledge of the complex password, as he/she won’t be able to decode the message.

ChatCrypt final image

This chat encryption tool offers you secured and protected environment, as the message does not remain in the server’s memory for more than 10 seconds, making it extremely difficult to retrieve any confidential message. This chat encryption tool lets you discuss all the confidential and private affairs knowing it is very difficult for anyone to read your chat.

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How To Have Secure Chats With This Chat Encryption Tool?

ChatCrypt is a simple and user-friendly chat encryption tool to have secure chats. This tool can be grabbed from the link provided to you at the end of this article. As soon as you click on the link, it’ll redirect you to the homepage where you can create a chat room after entering a username and a password. Make sure that you use a complicated password so that its becomes a tough job for hackers and other unwanted persons to crack the same.

ChatCrypt main interface

ChatCrypt lets you have encrypted chats with your partner and for that you’ll need to share the name of the chat room and the password with the partner. The other partner can choose any username but needs to have same chat room name and password, to have secure chat with you.

ChatCrypt chatroom

When your partner joins the chat room the names of the people appears to the right side of the window of the chat room. Not only that, it also displays the time where the entire chat messages appear.

ChatCrypt message comparison

If in case, you choose another password then you wont be able to read the chat message, as a huge number of random characters will appear in front of you, which will make the message even more complicated. To use this chat encryption tool in its best way, you’ll have to create a complex password so that nobody can crack it. Checkout the above screenshot, to view the difference between partners sharing same passwords and incorrect password.

Features of ChatCrypt:

  • Simple and user-friendly free chat encryption tool.
  • Offers you secured and protected chat environment.
  • Lets you create a chat room in few clicks.
  • Displays the time and username of the partners.
  • Partners sharing the chat room should have same password.
  • Offers huge number of random characters to those who share the chat room with wrong password.
  • Offers non-decodable messages to those who enter incorrect password.
  • Holds encrypted message for only 10 seconds.
  • Compatible with various web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

My Verdict For ChatCrypt:

ChatCrypt is one of the best chat encryption tool that offers you secured chat environment like in military grades to have confidential talks. The best part of this chat encryption tool is that it offers random characters to unwanted person who join the chat room with the intention of hacking your chat and other private conversations. Try out this tool to have secure chats.

Click here to checkout ChatCrypt!

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Works With: Google Chrome, Firefox
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