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PrivyTalks is free and secure online web chat. With PrivyTalks you can chat right from your browser and send confidential information like passwords, emails, etc. over the web without worrying about someone else reading them. The best part is that you don’t need to download or install anything to use this secure chat.

How does PrivyTalks work:

PrivyTalks encrypts the data you send or receive over the web. This encryption is done in the browser itself using factory standard RSA algorithm. So your data is already encrypted before sending or receiving it over the web. The communication is fast and in real-time. This real-time communication is provided by Socket.IO stack. PrivyTalks works with all major web browsers and mobile devices.

Here is a step by step description of PrivyTalks:

Step 1: On the website, click on the “Create Room” button.

privytalks create room

Step 2: After this you will be given a link to share with your friend or co-worker whom you want to connect with.

privytalks invite link

Step 3: Once your friend connects with you using the link, the session becomes safe and secure to share any kind of information.

privytalks connected

The “clear” link on top right hand of the window will erase everything from your chat window and the “disconnect” link will disconnect you from the chat. The fingerprints that you see at the bottom of your chat window ensure that there is no third-party intervention in your chat.

We contacted PrivyTalks, for more information on how the web chat works. Here are the answers to the questions we asked PrivyTalks:

Question 1: Could you provide me some more details of how exactly chat is kept secure? You mention that it uses RSA encryption, but would be great if you could share some more details.

PrivyTalks: The encryption is done in your browser. That means that already encrypted messages that can be decrypted only by the recipient are sent over the network. By using RSA protocol we generate two keys on both sides: private and public. With public key everybody can encrypt the message, but it can be decrypted only by the private key. This way after two clients are connected they exchange their public keys, and before sending the message encrypt them.

Question 2: Are the messages routed via your servers, or they directly go from one client to another?

PrivyTalks: Of course we route the messages, it’s impossible otherwise, since one browser cannot connect to another. But! We route already encrypted messages and there is no way how we can decrypt them even if we save them somewhere. Moreover the keys are generated again when the new connection is established, so every time encryption changes.

PrivyTalks is a safe and secure way to chat and share private data over the web. The encryption of the data in the browser makes it very safe to send or receive it. So it is definitely recommended to use PrivyTalks, if you want to share important data online.

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