3 Websites To Send Secret Notes That Self Destruct

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Here, is a list of 3 websites through which we can send secret notes that self destruct. The list includes Burn Note,Quickforget, and PrivNote.

Most of us always feel excited after watching spy movies like James Bond and their special gadgets. Everyone likes to have some kind of special gadget with them too. Have you ever tried to send notes that self destruct themselves automatically after a few minutes or seconds? What if you want to send secret notes that contain passwords or other personal information and you want it to be seen only by one concerned person. Then you can use one of these web services to send notes that self destruct. So check out these web applications and their description to know which suits you well.

Burn Note:

burn note to send secret notes

Burn Note is a free web application through which you can send secret notes that self destruct after the time that you have specified.

Burn Note is a web service through which you can send private notes to people. The notes will self destruct after a certain time that you have set to. You just have to enter the note that you want to send and customize it. You can also keep a password for it. Then just click on send to generate a link. Send the link and password to the concerned person. After they have read the note or after the time you have set, the note will self destruct and the receiver can also send a secret note to you in reply.

Click here to read more about Burn Note and Click here to visit Burn note website.



QuickForget is a web application through which you can share secrets that self destruct.

Through QuickForget you can enter a note in the website and it will give you a link. Send this link to the person with whom you want to share the note or message. You can set the number of views and also the time to self destruct. After expiry time the secret note will be lost forever. So, once it is gone then you can’t access it from anywhere. If you try to access the note then it displays a message saying “Sorry, I’ve already forgotten the secret”.

Click here to read more about QuickForget and Click here to visit the QuickForget website.



PrivNote is a website through which you can send private messages that self destruct. Share confidential information through PrivNote.

Enter your note in the PrivNote website and get a link. Copy the link and send it to the concerned person. The note will automatically self destruct after they finish reading. PrivNote uses 256 bit SSL encryption to send your messages. You can just use a screenshot tool to capture  the message because once you loose the message then you can’t get it back again.

Read more about PrivNote here. Try PrivNote here.

These self destructing secret notes are a good idea. Using these applications you can send any kind of private or sensitive information to whom so ever concerned. So, choose accordingly and use one of these web applications to send secret notes. You may also try SafeGmail reviewed by us.

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