4 Free Self-Destructing Message Sending Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 4 free self-destructing message sending apps for iPhone. You can send your private messages securely using these apps without worrying about some unauthorized person getting access to them.

Some of these apps also let you send media files which also self-destruct after the pre-defined time interval. The messages sent by these apps are unrecoverable as they don’t get stored on the server of application. These apps provide you with the option of setting the time interval after which the message will be destructed on its own.

Snapchat is also a very famous app for sending self-destructing images, videos but many experts including The Guardian have mentioned that the images sent via Snapchat are not deleted. They just get hidden within the phone. Due to this reason, I have decided to not include the app in this list.

Note: To Send and receive messages, both the receiver and sender of message should be using the same app.

1. Wickr:


The first self-destructing message sending app for iPhone in the list is Wickr. You need to register with the app before using it. The app lets you send the text images, videos, audio files, and files from DropBox/Google Drive. You can set the time interval for the self-destruction ranging from 1 second to 6 days. You can also add contacts to block list if you don’t want to receive messages from any particular person. It also has a auto lock feature so that no other person can access the app in your absence.

Get Wickr here.

2. Foxygram:


Foxygram is a self-destructing message sending cum file protector app. You can set the time interval for self-destruction as 10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day. You don’t need any registration for using the app, instead you just have to setup an Access Code for preventing unauthorized access. The messages sent by this app are sent by using iMessage or email. The receiver can read the message by clicking on the link sent in the email. The link will only open with Foxygram app in your iOS device. Besides this, the app has a vault where you can hide your private images, files etc.

Get the Foxygram here.

3. Ansa:


The third app in the list is Ansa. To send messages through this app, the receiver should be added into your app’s contact list. The app also shows the online status of all your contacts. If you don’t want to show your status, then you can turn it off through Settings. The time interval for destructing the messages can be either 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds. The app lets you send text and images/video files.

Get Ansa here.

4. Flasher:


The last app in the list is Flasher. This app also requires you to add the recipient person to contact list first. You can set the time interval for self-destruction between 1-10 seconds. The app also has a screenshot protection feature which prevents the receivers from taking the screenshot which adds an extra layer of security to the sent messages. Each of the message sent by the app are known as the Flash and you can send both text as well as media files with this app.

Get Flasher here.

This completes my list of 4 free self-destructing message sending apps for iPhone. These apps protects your private messages, images and videos from getting into the wrong hands. Do try these apps and share your experiences with me. If you also know some other app, then do share it with all of us.

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