Find Best Meeting Time in Different Timezones: World Clock Meeting Planner

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The World Clock Meeting Planner is a free website that lets you find best meeting time between different timezones. Let’s say you want to setup a conference call between 5 different countries, but have no idea which time will work for all the countries. Then you can go to this website, just give all the time zones between which you want to setup the meeting, and it will show you the best time that will work for all the time zones. Nothing to download and no need to create any account. Completely online, completely free.

World Clock Meeting Planner

How to Find Best Meeting Time between different Time Zones:

The World Clock Meeting Planner is quite easy to use. When you go to the homepage of the website, you will see boxes for time zone, as you can see in screenshot above. You can use drop-down in each box to select the city which you want to include. If the city is not listed there, you can use buttons on the right: Search and Zones. They will let you find any city or time zone of your choice. By default, it lets you add three time zones, but if you want to add more, you just need to click on “Add More Cities” button. By clicking on that button, I was able to add up to 12 time zones, and the button disappeared after that. So, you can use this tool to find common meeting time between up to 12 time zones or cities.

Once you are done adding all the cities and time zones, you just need to click on “Show Timetable” button. This is where the real magic of this website starts. It will show you UTC-Time on one side, and corresponding local time in each city and time zone on other side. For each city, it will show normal working hours in Green, normal non-working hours in Yellow, and normal sleeping hours in Red.

World Clock Meeting Planner_Results

Now, to find the time that is suitable for all the time zones, only thing you need to do is find the time that is Green in all the cities. This will help you pick a time that falls during working hours in all the cities.

In the screenshot above, you can see that I picked Chicago, Berlin, and Beijing as three different cities. As is expected, there is no time slot within these that is Green for all. In that case, you can go with two Greens, One Yellow, or two Yellows, and one Green.

The way in which World Clock Meeting Planner presents time of different time zones is quite interesting and it makes everything very visual. You can easily see which meeting time will work for all time zones and then can send invites for those time zones.

Once you have finalized a time, you can click on the time and it will let you download a .ics file that you can add to your calendar software. This will automatically make an entry in your calendar for that time. You can even send the same .ics file to other invitees as well to directly add the meeting to their calendar.

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My Opinion About The World Clock Meeting Planner:

I find this online meeting scheduler tool to be pretty simple to use, but still very powerful. It does not comes with any bells and whistles, nor asks you to create any account. Its single purpose is to find common working time between different time zones, and it does that task pretty well.

If you also have to sometimes setup a meeting between people from different cities, do this tool a try.

Go To The World Clock Meeting Planner.

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