5 Free Online Whiteboard Applications

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Here are 5 Free Online Whiteboard Applications that help you quickly collaborate online. You can discuss, edit and share your ideas, notes or plans using these online whiteboards. These whiteboards include tools such as drawing, scribbling and so on.

With these given Whiteboards, you can send invitations to your colleagues to join the discussion instantly.

Although there are a number of different Whiteboards that are available on the web. However, selecting the best ones is a bit time consuming task. The other day I spent a couple of hours to search for the leading online whiteboards that create huge buzz in the Search Engines. Once I found the best online Whiteboards, I decided to share five of them with you.

Twiddla: Free Online Whiteboard

Twiddla is a popular online Whiteboard application that enables you to conduct live whiteboard collaboration to discuss and analyze one another’s ideas, notes or plans. This free Whiteboard comes up with various interactive features such as insert text notes, upload a web page, add pictures or shapes, draw freehand and many more. You can also use Twiddla as a collector of feedback. You just need to add your ideas, notes or plan to Twiddla’s Whiteboard and quickly invite your colleagues or other business associates to analyze and discuss about the same.


Some Key Features this Online Whiteboard Offers:

  • Collaborate with your colleagues with this free online whiteboard
  • You use the background of the whiteboard. You can use blank page for your white board or get into grid lines or any of the webpage you wish to discuss about.
  • Insert text/ images, draw freehand, shapes, text bubbles, etc.
  • Share and upload images from hard drive.
  • Integrated voice/ text chat window for easy interactions.
  • Current webpage can be sent to Twiddla whiteboard with a click.
  • Twiddla Button can be added to any webpage to get feedbacks or for discussions.
  • No registration/sign up required, thus you can start your meeting easily

In a nutshell, Twiddla is a nice utility Whiteboard Application to quickly share ideas online. Go ahead, Try Twiddla..pen down ideas and spontaneously share.

Read more about Twiddla, or try free here.

CoSketch: Free Online Whiteboard

CoSketch is another free online multi-user whiteboard designed to give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas as images.


Some Key Features Of This Online Sketcher:

  • Cross browser vector drawing with image manipulation without the requirement of plugins.
  • Resize your Canvas or Zoom out Canvas.
  • Synchronized data between clients and server. Data can be in the form of drawing, chat and much more.
  • Export your sketches as images.
  • Unlimited undo’s with instant previews.
  • Loading, communication and client side performance at super-fast speeds as well as very lightweight.
  • Drawing and navigation on Google Maps.
  • Various hot keys are available for making your sketches faster and easier. Hotkeys include p for pen; l for line, a for arrow, r for rectangle, t for text, m for move and the usual CTRL+Z etc combination’s along with enter to chat and H to hide chat.

In short, CoSketch is an excellent online Whiteboard or online sketcher that helps you to quickly sketch down your ideas and share with others. Go ahead and Try CoSketch Free..!

Read more about CoSketch reviewed by us, or try free here.


Scribblar is yet another free online Whiteboard that lets you easily collaborate online. This free online Whiteboard allows you to use text chat for instant questions, answers or input. The feature of Live audio offers another layer of options to work on a project quickly as a group.

Once you have put down your ideas as images, others can freely view that whiteboard, can analyze it and they can also make changes if required. Hence, Scribblar lets you collaborate with multiple users on the same white board.


Some Key Features Of Scribblar:

  • More than 2 people can use white board in real time.
  • Upload or download white board sessions.
  • Text chatting.
  • Clear audio quality
  • No limits on users or sessions.

This free online Whiteboard can be used for various purposes such as training & tutoring, revising artwork & images, creative brainstorming, sales & product demos, interviews, tests and so on.

In short, Scribblar is a good utility online Whiteboard that lets you create sketch, chart, diagram or anything you have in your mind. Try Scribblar Free..!


Dabbleboard is an online collaboration application, centralized with whiteboard, that helps you to immediately draw down the ideas that strike your mind every now and then. The innovative interface allows you to draw as real as you would if it had been a real Whiteboard, thereby letting you share your innovative ideas instantly.

This free online collaboration application gives you freedom to draw freehand shapes or type text. With Dabbleboard, you do not need to chase around for the next tool to use since it provides a complete tool palette. Moreover, this digital whiteboard will  save and make your previous drawings available on the left hand side pane. You can reuse your previous drawings.


Anyone who uses an actual Whiteboard such as teachers, designers, consultants, students, and the like, can easily make proper use of this free digital whiteboard.

You can view a Video Tutorial of How To Use Dabbleboard.

In short, Dabbleboard is an excellent online whiteboard that lets you sketch down your mind quickly. Try Dabbleboard Free..!

Read more about Dabbleboard reviewed by us, or try free here.

A Web Whiteboard

Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least online whiteboard, A Web Whiteboard. As the name suggests, A Web Whiteboard is another excellent digital whiteboard that lets you draw down anything that comes up in your mind. With This free online Whiteboard you can share data in the real time.


A Web Whiteboard is a nice digital whiteboard that lets you draw sketches, chart, figures or anything comes up in your mind. Try A Web Whiteboard Free..!

Like these whiteboards? Let us know in comments.

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