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Twiddla is a free online whiteboard. To communicate your ideas with a group or colleagues at work you need some platform for instant interaction without wasting time on traveling long distance. This free online whiteboard is web based and allows online collaborations with your friends and associates where you can share your ideas, notes, and plans with online tools like sharing, drawing, and scribbling.

The online white board is very useful when you have immediate need to share your ideas and plans with your team. You want some personal platform that helps you in sharing your ideas in real time with your comprised group. The live collaboration will help you in discussing things that require urgent look up or requires brainstorming on new or existing ideas.

The application is designed in order to make use of the tools and functions that you may use for discussions like drawing tools- freehand drawing, insert text notes, shapes, grid lines and many other tools and feature that will enhance your collaboration with team. Apart from live collaboration, it can be also used as a feedback collector. Other free online meeting tools that you can try is GoLiveRoom.


Some of the features of Twiddla:

  • Collaborate with your colleagues in real time with this free online whiteboard
  • You use the background of the whiteboard. You can use blank page for your white board or get into grid lines or any webpage you want to discuss about
  • Draw freehand, insert text, and images, text bubbles, shapes etc.
  • Upload and share images from your hard drive
  • Integrated voice and text chat window for easy interactions
  • Twiddla browser bookmarklet: Send current webpage to Twiddla whiteboard with a single click
  • Add Twiddla Button to any webpage to discuss and get feedback from others
  • No sign up or registration required, thus you can start your meeting easily

How to Use Free Online Whiteboard:

As mentioned, this freeware is completely web based and does not require any sign up. You can start your online meeting easily without wasting time on registration and log in. Moreover you can use this free web based Twiddla application for sharing your work with your clients also. Just invite clients to your white board and discuss the matters online without wasting time.

Using this Twiddla application is very easy. Just invite your guest to the white board by sending email from the application site or copy paste the URL provided by the freeware to your partner and they can join you over your discussion. You can invite more than one partner to your whiteboard by separating email id with commas.

You can also make use of the audio and chatting feature in the online whiteboard. Just chat with your mates and discuss the matters easily and online. If your audio is not working than you can chat with your partner in the Twiddla application and save your work easily and avoid miscommunication. If you want to explore more aspects of online collaboration, you can also try online web conferencing.

One of the important features of the Twiddla application is its formula embedded images. You can embed mathematical formulas and different unusual symbols on your whiteboard to make more meaningful and reliable discussions. Along with it add images, docs, widgets and codes.

Overall Twiddla is a good application to share your ideas with your team, or colleagues present in different locations. Twiddla is free to use and gives you the flexibility to invite as many people as you like to the discussion.

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