7 Best Free Online Meeting Schedulers

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Here are 7 best free online meeting schulers and meeting organizers. All of these work completely online, and you do not need to download or install anything to use any of these free online meeting scheduler.

Every worker needs to have meetings at some point. From tiny local businesses to multinational corporations, the office meeting is an important factor of how the organization runs. Thus, it is important that an organization picks the best possible kind of free meeting organizer to aid this process. Here we will list seven of the best.

1. Flexvite – Attractive Voting, With Calendar Integration

The attractive voting interface of Flexvite.

Flexvite free online meeting organizer’s main strength lies in its beautiful interface. It uses strong graphics to make voting an enjoyable and simple process, along with its clever idea of showing you which dates suit other users as you go through the voting procedure.

This free online meeting organizer is perfect for anyone who wants simple event scheduling that notifies users automatically and can integrate with all of the major calendar systems. Try Flexvite Here.

2. ScheduleOnce – Automatic Scheduling At Its Best

ScheduleOnce is one of the most automatic of the free online meeting organizer systems we tested. It takes input from the user on “tentative availability” times and then turns this into an ideal meeting time, meaning that very little admin work is needed. It also integrates with Google Calendar and has a blocky, yet very simple interface.

This scheduling tool is almost perfect, but it could probably do a little more and feature more integration tools with various calendar systems. Try ScheduleOnce Here.

3. WhenIsGood – Simple Calendars To Speed Up The Job

One of the simple calendars provided by WhenIsGood showing a few highlighted times.

WhenIsGood prides itself on being as simple free online meeting scheduler as the process of organizing meetings can be. The user is provided literally with one simple calendar that they can pick times from and then send this out to other users who will decide which of those times that they are also available for.

This is a strong free online meeting organizer and the simplicity of it makes the whole process quick and efficient, although we would like to see it integrated with some of the more popular bits of calendar software. Try WhenisGood Here.

4. Doodle – Poll Your Colleagues For The Best Date And Time

The simple calendar interface provided to select dates for your meeting using Doodle.

Doodle is a simple yet effective free meeting scheduler. It works using a series of very simple defined steps to create a poll. This poll contains potential dates and times for the users to pick from based on their availability at those times. The results are provided in an attractive fashion, showing the poll administrator exactly who is available at each time.

It is not of much use for those looking for a free meeting organizer with lots of features, but it makes picking a time and date very easy indeed. Try Doodle Here.

5. NeedToMeet – One Off And Recurring Meetings

The excellent "at a glance" time choice system in NeedToMeet

NeedToMeet’s interface is fairly unimpressive, but is easy enough to use and the ability to set a regular meeting time is a very useful addition to this free online meeting organizer and makes it a fairly solid choice. We also like the at a glance method of viewing the results that shows you clearly who is available and when they are available.

However, we would like to see this free online meeting scheduler integrated with calendar systems and have improved aesthetic qualities. Try NeedToMeet Here.

6. Tungle – Manage Your Online Calendar

The invitee view in Tungle.

Tungle utilizes a more comprehensive calendar that can be integrated and synced with a variety of other calendars and pieces of organizational software. This means that this free online meeting scheduler can be used to manage all manner of events.

Unfortunately, the large amount of functionality means that it takes a long time to get used to this free meeting organizer and thus it is a more long term and complex choice. Try Tungle Here.

7. TimeToMeet – Communal Scheduling Tool

The calendar in TimeToMeet.

TimeToMeet is a good tool as it allows you to have a personal link for appointments as well as the ability to schedule meetings with the help of your colleagues whilst also offering calendar synchronization for a short time.

However, the major downside is that the strongest features of this free online meeting organizer (such as the aforementioned calendar synchronization) are only free for a month before they become a feature only of the paid version, making it weaker than its competitors. Try TimeToMeet Here.

So to conclude, there is no hard and fast best free online meeting organizer out there, but Flexvite’s beautiful interface and excellent simplicity mean that it stands out from the rest of the bunch, all of which offer largely the same thing packaged in various different ways.

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