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WhenIsGood is probably the simplest free online meeting organizer available. Unlike other free online meeting schedulers, WhenIsGood decides not to weigh itself down with features, instead focusing on enabling you to do your job quickly and easily without having to fight your way through frills and extra bits that you don’t really need or want.

If you do need more feature packed online meeting organizer, you can try Doodle, ScheduleOnce, or Tungle.

One of the simple calendars provided by WhenIsGood showing a few highlighted times.

How to Setup Meeting Online with WhenIsGood:

Basically, all this free online meeting organizer consists of is a calendar. This calendar covers whatever time period you specify and can be graduated in whatever passages of time you want (hours, half hours, etc). You simply click on the times that you are available; input the basic details of the event and then click “Create”.

From here, you are provided with three links. One is to send the calendar to others, the second is to view and manage the results of the poll and the third is to make changes to your calendar.

The first link is the one you need to get the times that your colleagues are available. When you send this link off, they are given the times that you indicated you were available for and click on the ones that they are also available for. As you pass this list on to more and more people, it will become evident which time is ideal for the meeting. Here, the free online meeting organizer has done its job.


WhenIsGood is a super simple tool that operates entirely online without the need for a login at all. All it does is provide you with an easy to use calendar and the links that you need to gauge opinions from colleagues on which dates and times are the best for the meeting to take place.

So this free online meeting organizer is without doubt the most simple we have tested and also manages to be one of the best, although we would like to see it integrate with other calendar systems, like Flexvite and TimeToMeet provide.

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