3 Apps For Windows 8 To Get Fit In 7 Minutes

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Today, we shall talk about 3 apps for Windows 8 to get fit in 7 minutes. Everyone has got at least 7 minutes free in their day, however busy they may be, and these 7 minutes are enough to get you in shape! This very idea is utilized very effectively by the developers of these 3 apps that I am going to talk about today. Without much further ado, let’s delve into the details of these apps…

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1. 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout is a clean and intuitively designed app that allows you to do a lot of exercises in a rapid fire mode within 7 minutes. The app has a simple and clean interface, and upon launching, you can simply press the Tap To Begin button to initiate your workout. The app then shows for how many seconds you have to do Jumping Jacks, Wall sits etc. on the screen. After each workout, you also get a 7 second break. You can read more about the exercises to be performed through the app’s help, reposition the order of the exercises etc. from within the app’s settings, etc.

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2. 7Min

7Min is another 7 minute fitness app which contains thirteen different workout exercises for different target areas. Each workout is to be done for thirty seconds for maximum effect, and the app also provides a ten seconds rest interval between two consecutive exercises. The app also allows you to pause the exercise timer, say in case you get a phone call. This way, you will still do a full set of exercises for 7 minutes even though you pause and resume the timer. The app beeps when an exercise is about to get over, so you can prepare yourself for the next exercise. The app also supports snapped view, which is a much welcome feature.

7Min - doing exercise

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3. 7 Minutes Fitter

7 Minutes Fitter is another alternative to the above two apps which also works in the same way. This app is a bit unique from the other two apps because instead of just showing you the timer and the workout name, it actually shows a video for 7 minutes that allows you to see how the workouts are done. This app consists of twelve exercises, with a ten second break between consecutive exercises. The workouts can be paused and resumed at your convenience.

7 Minutes Fitter - circuit

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This concludes my list of 3 apps to get you fit in 7 minutes. These apps are easily available for free from the Windows App Store, and go a long way in helping you to stay in shape. What’s your favourite app that you use to stay in shape? Do let me know through the comments below!

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