Windows 8 Workout App For Getting Fit In 7 Minutes

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7Min is a free Windows 8 workout app. It’s a handy Windows 8 health & fitness app, that can help you stay fit and lose extra fat, to boost up your fitness level. The app contains thirteen different workout exercises, each for different body parts. Each workout is to be done for thirty seconds, and between two workouts there is a ten seconds rest time. This is more of a workout timer app, that helps you to time your workout exercises, and ultimately helps you in getting fit, without even going to gym.

The app shows the timer in big fonts, and along with the images of the workout. Plus, it also beeps, when an exercise is about to get over. So, all those who can’t go to gym on daily basis, because of the hectic and busy life, can use this app for doing the basic exercise in a properly timed manner.


Using this 7 minutes workout app:

The exercises are very basic, and you can do them in home or anywhere. All you need is some empty space and a chair. That is no need of weights, trend mills etc. The app contains a good set of exercises, which collectively covers up every body part, and these include: side plank, lunge, squat, abdominal crunch, jumping jacks, wall sit, push-up, step-up onto chair, triceps dip on chair, plank, high knees running, push-up and rotation. The app starts with the basic warm-up exercise: Jumping jacks, and then moves to wall sit, push-up, and so on, making a steady raise in the exercise difficulty. Now, this is a good way to start workout, that is starting from the easy ones and then, gradually moving to the tough ones; and not directly moving to the tough ones.

7Min - doing exercise

Like I said above, the app is more of a 7 minutes workout timer app, that lists a certain set of exercises, and helps you in doing them with setting up 30 seconds timer for each single one. So, you’ll not get any instructions on how to do the listed exercises, because it doesn’t give any tutorials. However, it does name each single exercise, and shows respective images of the exercises. Making it easy to recognize exercises. The app has a clean and easy UI. The timer countdown are shown in big fonts, making it easy to see the time. The app also starts beeping 5 seconds before an exercise is going to get over, making it easy for you to stop at the right time, in case you don’t want to see the time continuously, while doing an exercise.

7Min - rest time

The app works completely fine in snapped mode, and lets you to pause-resume an exercise, anytime you want.

7Min - app in snapped mode

Key features of this Windows 8 workout app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 workout app.
  • Contains 13 different exercises to do at home or anywhere.
  • A 7 minutes workout timer app.
  • Beeps when an exercise is about to get over.
  • 10 seconds rest between two exercises.
  • Simple clean UI.
  • Pause-resume exercises.

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Final note:

7Min, certainly is a good Windows 8 workout app. You don’t need any weight, or fancy gym equipment. You don’t even need to go to gym for getting fit. Simply, use the app to time your exercises, and stay fit and healthy.

Get 7Min here.

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