Free Workout App For Windows 8 With Videos Tutorials: GymGuide

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GymGuide is a free workout app that helps you in working out in the gym. It has a large collection of exercises for different body parts such as shoulders, biceps, chest, abs, quads, calves, etc. There are over 800 exercises in the collection, and all of them have been well-explained using step by step instructions on how to perform the exercise, related pictures, and video tutorials (for selected exercises). GymGuide is like a personal trainer app; you can always rely on it if you want gym training for free.

All the exercises are categorized according to the body parts and you can choose from any of these body parts and start working out. No matter what you are: a bodybuilding crazy or just a regular guy, this free app is useful for every man out there to stay fit.

You’ll find the app under the Heath & Fitness Category in Windows Store.


Working Out using this Workout App:

The UI of app is pretty simple and easy to use. The navigations work fine. As you can see in the above screenshot, there are exercise tutorials for almost each body part. Simply click on the requisite body part upon which you want to work on, and the screen will navigate specifically to that body part showing different exercise tutorials for that body part. Now, the thing that I liked at this point is that, if you don’t wish to read the textual instructions or go through the pictures, then you can always switch on video tutorial. The video tutorials are equally good and very well explained. You can pause, play, or stop it anytime. There’s no progress bar while you play video, so you can’t jump to a particular part of video. Simply play a video tutorial, pause it, get the stance (posture), and play it again, that’s it!

Following is a screenshot of the workout app, showing the video tutorial of Zottman Curl, under the Biceps category.

GymGuide-video tutorial

Key Features of GymGuide:

  • Good free gym workout app.
  • Over 800 exercise tutorials.
  • Covers almost each body part.
  • Textual tutorials with good quality images.
  • Good Video tutorials with audio.
  • Simple video controls.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Simple UI.

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Final note:

GymGuide is a useful app for every Gym goer, specially for amatures. Some times people start doing exercises without knowing the “know-how of exercising”; as a result they get body cramps and finally end up hurting themselves. So this free workout app can be of great use. You can easily choose the body part which you want to keep fit and start working out on it following appropriate exercises. Above all, getting these many well explained exercise tutorials in one place and that too for free is something commendable.

Try this free workout app here.

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Works With: Windows 8
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