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Project’Or RIA is a free project management software for Linux, BSD, and Windows which you can use in order to keep track of practically every aspect of the project that you are managing. This is a client-server software. You can install server component on your server and access that using web browser from any computer on LAN or internet. This ensures that this free project management software can be used by teams located across the globe.

It comes with modules for managing projects finances, activities, documentation and you even get real time notifications when someone who’s part of your project changes something important for the project.

Project'Or RIA default window

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Interface on the image above is what you will see once that you’ve setup the application on your computer, more precisely on your server, because this is free software which is intended for server. Control panel is accessed using the web browser, and you can set it up so that it can work over a local area network or over the Internet depending on what your needs are.

Key features of Project’Or RIA – free project management software are:

  • Manage multiple projects at the same time: easy project switching
  • Web based: accessed through a web browser over LAN or Internet
  • Manage tasks, activities and milestones: project management basics
  • Come with built-in financial data management: billing, costs, etc.
  • Reports – get detailed reports on what the project status is
  • Cross platform: works on all the major systems – Linux, BSD, Windows

Of course, the number of features that are available in this free project management software are much higher than the few that we mentioned above. To go over all of them would take a lot of time.

In today’s world where more and more people from different countries are working together, project management can be problematic. With Internet everything is just a few mouse clicks away, and the same thing is true with Project’Or RIA. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

How to run and manage projects with Project’Or RIA free project management software:

After installation on the server that you’d like to use, to access the control panel, you’re gonna have to open up your web browser and login using the username and password created during setup. The actual setup is a bit tricky. There’s documentation on the Project’Or RIA website, links available down below.

Project'Or RIA create project

Since your project list is empty, to create a new project you need to click on the Project options from the menu on the left. Same menu options are available from the top menu also. With the project created, you can start moving on to any of the numerous modules for project management. Click Work if you want to add new tasks, activities.

Project'Or RIA task list

If that’s not what you are looking for, you can switch to Finance or Document or anything else that’s available from the long list of options in the left menu, which can be seen on the first image above.


Like we already mentioned, project management software is more and more important. Startup companies and team who are working on projects can find a free solution in Project’Or RIA, which is very feature rich, fast and easy to use. Nothing is being sacrificed, despite of the Free being written on the price tag. Try it, free download.

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Works With: Linux, Windows, BSD
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