Free Time Tracking and Project Management Tool: eHour

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eHour is a free web based time tracking and project management script which companies and individuals in charge of projects can use to keep better track of their employees, and to better manage the time that they spend on a certain job. These days a lot of the time employees are not doing their best, or not doing their work at all, with eHour everyone gets an assignment, with clearly laid out tasks, and if someone isn’t completing their work, it’s easy to find and deal with those who are slacking and only wasting the companies time.

eHour default window

There are two versions of eHour available for download. A standalone installer for Windows, Linux and Mac for which if you want to use it online you’re gonna have to have a web server suite installed on your computer, and another .WAK installer which should be used on Tomcat servers. For local use simply install eHour like you would install any other application and restart your computer so that all the necessary eHour services are started. Once you do all that and once visit the following link:


you should be greeted with a login window, if everything was installed properly and without errors. Default username and password for the admin account is:

username: admin
password: admin

When you login there should be a configuration window waiting for you, where you can change some minor but important settings, like localization, mail server setup, if you have one running, reports logo selection and so on. Once you’re done with all that, it’s time to actually start managing users and assigning them with tasks and projects.

Time Tracking of tasks and projects with eHour

You can start by adding your employees to the list of eHour users, click on Manage and then on Users and then fill out all the information about the user, when you’re done click on Save:

eHour adding user

Don’t give admin privileges to regular users by mistake, if it’s someone who you can’t trust, they might mess up everything, remove users, delete tasks and schedules you name it. Next thing on our agenda would be actually adding the project that needs to be managed and completed:

eHour adding projects

Projects can be added by clicking on the Manage tab and then on Projects. To each project you can assign project managers and customers, give a description about what’s expected to be achieved with this particular project, select the start and end date, and once all of that is completed hit Save. Project will then be added and it will be available for monitoring on the list of active projects to the left


eHour allows you to assign work to your employees, each one can be assigned with projects and they can have their own customers. Leave them to do their work, go on through your everyday schedule, come back later and see how they are progressing. Companies can install eHour on a central server and the entire local network, all the employees can access the application, to get their assignments. eHour is a free script, download it and try it yourself, for free.

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