Free Task Timer to Record Duration of a Task: Light Tasks

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Light Tasks is a very simple yet handy, free task timer for your system which acts as a timer to record the duration of a particular task which you might be carrying on. You may use to set predefined activities or things which you need to take a note of. For all those people who are working on their systems throughout the day it would surely help them record particular tasks and events which they wish to be performed at a particular day and time.

Installing this free task timer

For installing the free task timer, you need to visit the site here and click on the download button. Once you do so the download starts, and the zipped file gets downloaded on your computer. You need to unzip the file and launch the task timing utility by clicking on the .exe file from the unzipped folder. People interested to try some more task timing apps can check out WatchMe, TimeSheet freeware and Work time logger.

Using this free task timer

Once Light Tasks is launched on your system you would see a new window on the screen. The screen looks blank with a big tab at the bottom with ‘’Add new Task’’ written on it. This is the tab which would help you to add the tasks and events which you wish to be kept as reminders. You may add as many tasks you wish to add in the program window. For adding a new task click on the ‘’Add new Task’’ option after which a white screen would appear at the top where you need to type in the name of the task you wish to be saved. Once you do so just press the enter key and that particular task would get recorded in the program window. You need to repeat the same steps again for adding a new task which you might be performing sometime or later.

The moment a task gets saved in the program window a big red button with the task name on it appears. In order to activate the task record process just click on the process and it would turn green with the timer being started. So you can carry out the process while the timer records the duration it takes. You may start multiple tasks at once and the recording would be done at the same time.

There are a few options which you can modify or add a few changes to the functionalities of this program and the record process. In order to access that you need to right click on a particular task and select the option you are looking for. The options presented to you once you click on right click are:

  • Move Up
  • Move Down
  • Rename
  • Set Time
  • Reset
  • Delete

So, with the options above you may change the order of the particular process listed in the program window, set a particular time which you wish to insert in the record process, rename the particular task, and much more. In order to delete a particular task you just need to click on the delete option and it would be deleted.

So, for carrying out tasks with perfection and increasing the efficiency of your operations you need to keep a track of the activities you perform. Keeping a track of the manner and time each activity takes you could easily plan out you listed activities from before. Download Light Tasks free.

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Works With: Windows and Linux
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