Webcam Surveillance Software to View Webcam Remotely: Netcam Studio

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Netcam Studio is a complete webcam surveillance software for Windows where you get both server and client applications. Netcam Server is for setting up webcam streaming via LAN or via the internet, so that you can access connected cameras from other computers on your local area network or from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Client application allows you to setup either network or USB webcam, to view them, change settings and monitor connected users.

What you see on the image down below is the server control panel. Here you get to start and stop Netcam Studio server, as well as access the library folder, where recorded videos are gonna be saved. The key icon is for typing in a license key. Netcam Studio is free, but server of the free version is limited to only 4 web cameras and it’s only available for personal use.

Netcam Studio Server default window

To view webcam streams, you can either use the previously mentioned Netcam Studio Client app, or you can opt out for external viewers like web browsers (by typing in IP address of the webcam server) and media players that support IP streaming. VLC Media Player is for example suggested by the documentation of this free webcam surveillance software.

Key features of this Webcam Surveillance System Are:

  • Free and simple to setup: practically everything is automatically setup
  • Offers both a server application and a client/viewer application
  • Allows you to setup up to 4 video sources (web cameras)
  • Supports web cameras setup via LAN/Wireless or direct USB connections
  • Client application for viewing and web camera management
  • Motion, speed and audio detection with SMS and email notifications
  • Supports external viewers: web browser or players with IP streaming
  • Client apps also available for iOS and Android powered devices
  • Works with Windows: all versions, also comes in 64bit

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How to setup home surveillance with Netcam Studio:

We’ll keep it short, but you can find everything that you need to know about setup on the homepage of this free webcam surveillance software. Once you have Netcam Studio installed, run the server application and click on the Play button to start it up.

Netcam Studio client settings

You also need to click on the Windows Client icon from the top toolbar of the server app which will start the client application. Here you can configure everything, manage and view video sources, setup notification, monitor connected users (those that are watching web cameras), etc.

Netcam Studio adding web cam

Add Video Source windows looks like this. Like we said, they can either be network based or connected via USB. Once you have them connected, they’ll be available in the client apps for viewing.


Home webcam surveillance is very cheap way how you can keep an eye on your house when you’re away. Netcam Studio can help you out with that. Application is lightweight, server is very easy to setup and understand and there’s clients for practically every device out there. iOS and Android apps are available, as for the desktop, you can access your web cameras anywhere by simple typing in the IP address of the server inside web browser. Try it and see how it goes.

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Works With: Windows
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