5 Best Free Instant Messengers for Facebook Chat

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Here are 5 Free Instant Messengers for Facebook that let you do Facebook chat from your desktop.

Facebook chat is becoming quite popular nowadays, but the interface provided by Facebook is not the best possible. Also, sometimes you prefer to chat from desktop, instead of from inside your browser.

Here are some free facebook chat messengers to easily chat with your Facebook friends right from your desktop.

1) Yoono

Yoono is a free instant messenger for social networks. Yoono works with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, FriendFeed, and LinkedIn. Apart from social networks, Yoono also supports popular chat networks like Yahoo, Gtalk, AIM, and MSN.

The best part of Yoono is that it is specially made for chatting on social networks. So, the features are custom designed for them.

When you update your status on Yoono, it updates that on all your networks. Apart from that, you can share links, videos, and images across all your social networks together.

Yoono shows your real time updates from your friends from all social networks.

So, if you are connected to Yoono, you can work on all your social networks from one place, and chat on all of them. This is a good Facebook messenger too.

Yoono has a desktop version that works in Windows, Linux, Mac, and even from USB drive.

Apart from that, Yoono also has a browser plugin that works in Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Try Yoono here.

2) Trillian Astra

Trillian Astra is a modern multi-protocol chat client that lets you multiple chat networks together. You can chat with your friends on Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Google Talk, and more. Along with that, Trillian Astra is also a great Facebook messenger that lets you chat with all your Facebook friends.

Great thing with Trillian Astra is that you can use same instant messenger to stay connected to multiple chat networks together. So, if you are logged on to Trillian Astra, your friends on Yahoo, Gtalk, and other chat networks will be able to see your online, and chat with you. No need to install multiple chat clients for different networks.

Apart from just being able to chat on Facebook, Trillian Astra also provides following Facebook specific features:

  • See your Facebook news feed.
  • Get notified on Trillian Astra when there is a new activity on your Facebook news feed.
  • Get notification when you get a new message in Facebook inbox.
  • Get Birthday reminders
  • And of course, full chat integration with Facebook chat.

The interface of Trillian Astra is very flashy, and quite become overwhelming sometimes. Try it for yourself to see if it works for you. Download Trillian Astra here.

3) Miranda IM

Miranda IM is an open source multi-protocol IM that works with multiple chat networks. Miranda IM also supports most of the popular chat networks in the same manner that Trillian Astra does.

You can use Miranda IM with Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, and of course, Facebook.

However, one thing that really sets Miranda IM apart from Trillian Astra is its simplicity. Miranda IM has a really simple, and very intuitive interface.

You can chat with your Facebook friends easily with Miranda IM.

Some good features of Miranda IM are:

  • No need to install. Just download, and start using
  • Extend functionality with plugins
  • Very low on system resources.

If you need a simple to user Facebook messenger, try Miranda IM here.

4) ChitChat

Chit Chat is another free Facebook chat messenger. Chit Chat scores really high in terms of easy of use. After installing Chit Chat, you can directly login with your Facebook id, and start chatting with your Friends on facebook.

Chit Chat comes with a nice tabbed chat window, that lets you easily chat with multiple friends at once from same window.

Try Chit Chat for Facebook here.

5) Scrapboy

Scrapboy is another social netwok instant messenger. Scrapboy works with Facebook, Myspace, and Orkut. Scrapboy provides an easy to use Facebook chat, and lets you track your news feed, and update your status on Facebook.

The fact that Scrapboy works with Orkut as well is a nice feature, as there aren’t many Facebook chat messengers out there that support Orkut too. Try Scrapboy here.

Apart from these you can also try some web based instant messenger to chat on Facebook.

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