5 Free Software to Download Facebook Photos and Albums

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Here is the list of free software to download Facebook photos and albums.

These software are quite helpful for you to have a backup of all your Facebook albums on your PC. All these software are able to download Facebook photos or all albums. Some of these software also let you download tagged photos and your friend’s albums. Moreover, thumbnail preview for photos is also available with most of these software. For using these software, you need to authorize them to access your Facebook account photos, likes, and profile.

Lets start with the first and most suitable software named as ‘Social Downloader’.

Update: This article was completely redone on 28-June-2014.

Social Downloader

Social Downloader- interface

Social Downloader is the best Facebook photos and albums downloader software available in this list. Speciality of this software is that it lets you add multiple Facebook accounts. After adding those accounts, you can explore any account’s albums and photos. It comes with a beautiful interface and provides a navigation pane to explore albums. You can download your own albums, tagged photos, and any friend’s photos. Either all photos can be downloaded to your selected destination location, or you can select which photos you want to download. It also comes with thumbnail feature to preview the images before downloading.

Social Downloader also lets you view photo captions for each individual photo. Moreover, total number of likes and comments count for each photo can also be viewed easily. But to view who liked and what comments are available, you need to open your Facebook account on your web browser. This facility is also present in this software to open a particular photo on web browser directly using its interface. As a valuable feature, it also lets you add your Instagram accounts to download photos.

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Social Photo Download (Homepage)

Social Photo Download

Social Photo Download is an online Facebook application that is helpful to download Facebook photos and albums. What is the unique feature of this application that it lets you download tagged photos of your friends. Apart from this, it is able to download all your tagged photos in one go. Moreover, you can also explore all your photo albums, friends albums, and can download them one by one. Thus, instead of downloading whole lot of your albums, you can choose only required album(s) to download. It provides separate sections for tagged photos, photo albums, and friends. This makes it quite easy to use. For each album and tagged photos, preview facility is also provided by this application. A video section is also present to download Facebook videos, but this feature is not available at present.

To use this software, you can access its homepage, and can log in with your Facebook account. After this, you can explore which photos and albums you want to download. Albums are downloaded as a zip archive to your PC.

Facebook Photo Grabber

Facebook Photo Grabber- interface

Facebook Photo Grabber is another handy software to download Facebook albums. You can download your photo albums, tagged photos, as well as your friends’ albums. It also comes with unique feature to download the liked pages (Facebook pages liked by you). On its simple interface, it provides a list of your friends’ name and you can select any friend to explore his/her albums. After that, list of all albums will be available to you. From that list, you can select albums to download. What makes it more interesting to use is that all albums are downloaded with their original album name. Hence, you won’t find any difficulty to search for a particular album after download. The missing part in this software is that photo preview option is not available. But it does its work perfectly.

It is a portable software and just 281 KB in size. To download photos, it provides a default download folder. As there could be a huge list of albums, so it also provides search feature to quickly find out any album to download.

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Facebook Albums Downloader (Homepage)

Facebook Albums Downloader

Facebook Albums Downloader is also a useful software which is very lightweight and available as an executable jar file. It lets you download all photos of any selected album to custom destination folder. However, you won’t be able to download tagged photos. But unique feature about this software is that you can download photos in high quality. Before starting the download process, you can enable high quality option, and then begin the download. It provides image thumbnail feature to have a look at the photos that you are going to download.

Facebook Albums Downloader makes it possible to back up all required Facebook photos in just three steps. Firstly, you can select your friend’s profile photo or your own photo. Secondly, you need to choose the album, and finally you can tap the Download button. Thus, it’s a simple but handy software. To use this software, you first have to enter a token which is provided on download page of this software.

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FlickNav (or Kurst FlickNav) is one of the best software in this list. It is helpful to view all your photos in large size. Special feature of this software is that it lets you view all the comments of a particular photo. You can even batch download any of your friend’s photos. Moreover, download process can also be resumed or paused anytime by you. It comes with a navigation pane where your friend list will be visible to you. Clicking on any friend name will explore all photos in middle part on its interface. You can view those photos, and can even download a single photo or all the available photos.

FlickNav also lets you view most recent photos uploaded by your friends separately. It’s a good software to get all your photos as well as your friends photos. It doesn’t let you choose albums to download. But it is quite useful to bulk download all photos. Feature to show you comments is really interesting. Moreover, you can even post comment to any particular photo directly using its interface.

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fbDownloader is an interesting Facebook photo downloader that comes with unique black and white filter feature. Using this feature, all your photos and albums will be downloaded in grey color only. But you can even download photos in original color. Using this software, you can download all your tagged photos, photo albums, and friends’ photos. In friends’ photos section, you can first select a particular friend, and can see his/her albums. After that, it will be your choice which album you want to download. This is a handy feature as you don’t have to download all albums.

Left side of this software helps you to select whether you want download tagged photos, friend’s photos, or your photo albums. Apart from this, you can also enable option to download photos with original color or using the black and white filter. Destination location for downloading the albums can also be selected by you. Its installation is ad-supported, but you can skip extra tools.

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FB Album Downloader (Homepage)

FB Album Downloader

FB Album Downloader is a simple and useful software that you can use to download your all Facebook albums. Unique feature of this freeware is that it lets you download all albums in single go. Moreover, all albums are downloaded with their original name also. Using its interface, you can select some required albums as well. For downloading the albums, it gives you option to select destination folder of your choice. You won’t be able to get tagged and friends albums. But backup of all your Facebook albums can be done quickly and with few mouse clicks.

Whole working to fetch albums is done only in main interface. This makes it quite easier to work. It is just 197 KB in size.

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As you can see, all these software comes with interesting features. These all are good Facebook photo download software. But personally I liked Social Downloader a lot. Reason is that it supports multiple accounts, helps to view likes and comments, and gives preview for all photos. Find out which one suits your need and share in comments.

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