5 Free Reddit Apps For Windows 8

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In this list, we discuss 5 free Reddit apps for Windows 8 environment. With the ability to fetch updates from the viral Reddit website that has captured the attention of many people, these apps make for a solid Reddit website replacement. The best part about these Reddit apps for Windows 8 is that they are absolutely free and can be downloaded easily from the Windows 8 App Store. With the ability to easily fetch posts and feeds from Reddit, you sure aren’t going to miss out on any of the Reddit experience on your Windows 8 device.

I have handpicked the 5 easiest to use and understand Reddit apps that anyone can get acquainted to! So let’s get started and read more about these apps.

5 free reddit apps for Windows 8

1. Baconography


Baconography is a pretty interesting Reddit client for Windows 8. Upon launching, you will be presented with a screen where you can select the categories at the left side of the screen, and information from the main screen at the right side of the screen. So here, you can actually easily view comments and vote the posts on the main screen of the app up or down. From the left side of the screen, you will be easily able to choose the category by clicking on each category, like searching for a subreddit, viewing frontpage, and other popular categories like familyguy memes, pokemon memes, etc. One great feature about this app is that it allows you to pin interesting stuff to your Start Screen by right clicking and choosing Pin from the control bar of the app.

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2. Reddit To Go!

reddit app for windows 8

Reddit To Go! is a free Reddit app for Windows 8 that allows you to view various Reddit elements on your desktop in a Metro styled interface. When you launch the app, you will be presented with categorically sorted interface providing you two columns of tiled icons: Favorite and Popular. Under the favorite category, tiles of posts that you have favorited will appear so that you can access them later easily. Under the Popular category, tiles of trending posts on Reddit will appear. Here, you can expect to see funny images and posts. When you click on an image, it will open in full size, and you can choose to either favorite or save that image by launching the control bar by right clicking and then choosing the appropriate option. Another feature worth talking about is the ability of the app to support snapped view without compromising on functionality. The app allows you to log in to your Reddit account and search for subreddits as well!

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3. ReddHub

Reddhub- viewing contents of post

ReddHub provides a neat and clear interface for accessing Reddit on your Windows 8 device. When you launch the app, you will be presented with Reddit posts on the left side and upon clicking on them, you can see them in an enlarged view on the right. The app supports logging in to Reddit, up-voting or down-voting a post, zooming an image post and saving an image to your device, adding shortcuts to sub-reddits, etc. To add a sub-reddit, right click on the post, click Add Shortcut, and select the subreddit from the menu bar. You can also choose to pin a post to the Start Screen by right clicking on that post and then selecting the Pin option from the control bar. The app’s interface is very smooth and polished and all the functionality offered by the app makes for one great Reddit app!

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4. Charming Reddit

Charming Reddit - main screen

Charming Reddit is a lightweight and fast Reddit client for Windows 8. You can log in to Reddit from the top-right corner of this app by inputting your username and password. When the app is launched, you are immediately presented with a list of trending posts on Reddit. You can filter these posts by selecting appropriate filters from the drop-down menu at the top which includes filters like What’s Hot, Top Scoring:This Hour, Top Scoring:Today, etc. If you are logged in to the app, you also get the option and the facility to vote on the image posts (upvote and downvote), comment, etc. Whether logged in or not, you always have the functionality of sharing a post through the Windows 8 share charm (Win+H). Clicking a post opens it up in full screen size.

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5. Narwhal


Narwhal is another free Windows 8 app for accessing Reddit. The app has cleverly designed interface that’s very simple to understand. When you launch the app, you will be presented with an interface which is absolutely straightforward and easy to understand. Towards the left side of the screen, you will be presented with a list of subreddits that you can choose from. At the top-right corner, you can log in to your Reddit account and at the center of the screen, the related content will be displayed. When you click on a post, its contents will be shown in full screen view. To post a comment, up vote, down vote, etc. simply launch the control bar by right clicking and you will be able to access these options in it. Overall, the app is very simple and straightforward and preserves the true essence of the authentic Reddit app.

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This concludes my list of 5 free Reddit apps for Windows 8. I do hope that you will enjoy using these apps on your Windows 8 device!

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