Free Reddit App For Windows 8: Reddit To Go!

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Reddit To Go! is a free Reddit App for Windows 8; available in social section of Windows Store. Experience Reddit in Windows 8 style and log in to have a better experience.

Reddit To Go! gives you a complete experience of Reddit on your Windows 8 device. You can view the main page and other categories of Reddit using this Reddit App for Windows 8. Log in to comment, vote, submit links, etc. and access most of it’s features.

reddit app for windows 8

About This Reddit App for Windows 8:

Reddit To Go! is a Windows 8 app to access the features of Reddit using your Windows 8. You can view all the information of Reddit pages using this Reddit App for Windows 8. You can download pictures, share, vote, comment, and access everything; like you do in original Reddit Webpage. You can get notifications on the lock screen also.

As soon as you launch the app, you will see the interface as shown in above screenshot. You will be asked to log in or create an account in Reddit. Then, you can see favorites section and popular section. In favorites section, you can view the pages that you have viewed. In popular section, you can view various  categories like: pics, gaming, videos, aww, funny, askreddit, politics, and much more.

reddit app

Just open the section or category you want and then you can see various articles related to them. You can save the pictures or view them in the browser by clicking on the options available on the right bottom. Once you right click, you can access the option to: vote, reply, comment, submit stories, etc. when you are logged in.

Using the right click option you can pin main page or subreddits to start screen and you can mark favorite pages also to display in the home screen of the app. Press Windows + Q to search for content you like, or subreddits; in the app. Use the app in Snap mode also.

Features Of Reddit App:

Here are the features of Reddit App for Windows 8:

  • This app is free to download and use.
  • You can access the front page of Reddit or subreddits also.
  • Log in with your account to: vote, comment, submit stories, etc.
  • Right click and mark as favorites to view them on the home screen of the app.
  • You can pin pages to start screen and lock screen also shows new updates of the reddit news.
  • Press Windows + Q to search the app for your desired content.
  • Use the app in Snap mode too.

reddit app go

Installing Reddit App for Windows 8:

Open this link in Windows 8 Internet Explorer. View the app in Windows Store and install it from there. Now you can start using Reddit App for Windows 8 and access all the features of Reddit with your log in.

You can also try other Windows 8 Apps like: StumbleUpon app and Top Gear News App.

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