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Charming Reddit, is a free Windows 8 Reddit viewer app. It is a third party Reddit client app to view image posts in Reddit website. This Windows 8 social app, nicely integrates with Windows 8 features and charms. Using this app you can view all the latest and popular image posts in full screen, and share them using Windows 8 Share Charm. You can also open up the Windows 8 Settings charm to sign into your Reddit account and then upvote or downvote the image posts, view comments. This app consists of multiple inbuilt categories which are basically the sub-reddits. Clicking on which, opens the contents filtered according to that subreddit. Plus, you can also add another custom sub-reddit to the app. This is one of the good Reddit client app, that works very fast and makes a good use of the Windows 8 modern UI.

Charming Reddit  - main screen

This is a good Windows 8 Reddit viewer app, for all those redditors who like to post, view, and comment on specifically photos in Reddit, and want a quick access to the latest and popular reddit posts. This app is present in the Social Category in the Windows Store. Use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows Store, or click on the download link given at the end of this article.

View Reddit photo posts and save, comment, vote on them using this Windows 8 Reddit viewer app:

As it is a Reddit viewer app, so using this app you can basically view the photo posts in the reddit website, and share the photo content with friends using the Windows 8 Share charm. Like I mentioned above this Windows 8 Reddit viewer app consists of almost all the popular sub reddits as the categories; to name a few includes: aww, lolcats, photography, comics, gifs, wallpapers, funny etc. They are present on the ribbon at the top of the screen; just below the app’s name. To see more sub-reddits, simply scroll through that ribbon.

Charming Reddit  - sub-reddit ribbon

The best thing that I liked about this Windows 8 Reddit viewer app is how fast it shows the photo posts. I have tried other Reddit viewer apps, but they are quite slow. So, the speed of the app is an advantage of this Windows 8 app. Besides that the app has a good enough user interface. All the photo posts are shown in big tiles format, along with their tags, and, upvotes, downvotes, and comments buttons. A good thing about this Windows 8 Reddit viewer app, is it refreshes the contents itself. Hence giving you the most popular and latest photo posts.

Charming Reddit  - filters

Another good feature to like about this Windows 8 Reddit viewer app is the filtering option, using which you can filter the photo contents inside a sub-reddit. This option is present at the top; on the right side to the app’s name. It’s basically a drop down list containing all the filters. Some of the filters includes: What’s Hot, What’s New, Top Scoring: this month/ today/ this hour etc., Most controversial: today/ this hour / this week/ all time etc. Simply select the desired filter, and the app shows you the photo contents accordingly.

Another good features of this Windows 8 Reddit viewer app includes: Adding a sub-reddit of your choice. Simply scroll through the sub-reddits ribbon and at the end, you’ll get Add SubReddit button, simply type sub-reddit name and click on Add Subreddit. You’ll also see a Delete SubReddit button besides Add SubReddit button, using which you can delete sub-reddits.

Charming Reddit  - viewing photo

Simply click on a photo post to view that post. I liked the fact that the app opens the photos in full screen. Here, you can view the comments on that photo post, upvote or downvote, and if the image is from a photo album, then you can view the next and previous photos of the album as well. Besides these, you can share the photos you liked using Windows 8 Share charm or view the photo hosting website (such as: imgur ) in which the photo was uploaded.

Charming Reddit  - share

Key features of this Windows 8 Reddit viewer app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 Reddit viewer app.
  • Shows all the latest and popular photo posts in Reddit website.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Share and Settings charms.
  • View image in full screen.
  • Login to upvote/downvote post
  • Good UI.

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Final note:

Charming Reddit, is a good to have Windows 8 Reddit viewer app. All though, at some points it didn’t show images, for instance when you open the photo hosting website in the app. Also, it does lack Windows 8 Search Charm. And it took multiple trials before I finally was able to login. Other wise the app works fine. I liked the sub-reddit ribbon and filtering feature, they help to quickly find the desired photo post. Also the app is quite fast. A good Windows 8 app to try.

Also if you are looking for a WIndows 8 app that opens almost all popular social networks in one app, then do check Meople.Net out.

Get Charming Reddit here.

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