Free Online Tank Game: Indestructo Tank

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Indestructo Tank is an online tank game; to play for free. Use the bombs dropped at you to jump on to the flying vehicles and destroy them.

Indestructo tank is quite a different game from other normal war games. In this game, you have to use the bombs that are being dropped on you, to attack the enemies only. So, find out more about the gameplay of Indestructo Tank in the Video below.

About This Free Online Tank Game:

Indestructo Tank is a game with different perspective. Indestructo Tank is unlike other war games; in which you have to: hide from enemies, play in stealth mode, and dodge bullets. In this game, you have to place your tank in such a way that, you get hit by the bombs dropped by the aerial vehicles; which help in bouncing your tank. While bouncing, you have to manage your tank to hit the enemies and destroy them in air. All the enemies are airborne. This game sounds interesting and different, just like  like Boss Rush. Click here to know why Boss Rush is different.

As soon as you launch Indestructo Tank, you will be forced to go through how to play. And then you will find why this game is fascinating and different from other games. Then you can start playing; you just have to drive your Indestructible tank (using the left and right arrow keys) to get attacked by the aerial vehicles. Get attacked doesn’t mean you will be destroyed, you will be actually flying in the air when you get attacked. And between the time in which you fly and fall back to ground, you have to control your tank such that it clashes with the flying vehicles. When you hit a aerial vehicle on it’s top, you will bounce again. Try to hit two or more vehicles, so that you score a combo. Every stage has limited fuel and flying in the air reduces your fuel consumption; so that you get more time to complete the stage.

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Upgrades: After end of every stage, you will see a scoreboard of experience you have earned. Use these experience points to increase the frequency of enemies; so that you can attack them and stay in the game. The type of enemies you can buy are: bomber, bouncer, gunner, homer, and miner. Buy these upgrades and increase the frequency of enemies, so that you get to kill more, save more fuel, and proceed to next stage. You can see the fuel level, experience points, and stage progress at the bottom of the screen.

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Indestructo tank is an online tank game to have fun. The graphics and sound effects are good too. You can also try, other interesting games like: Dodge and Coma. If you want to play a really huge War Tank Game online with awesome graphics, then try World Of Tanks.

Click here to Play Indestructo Tank Game Online.

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