World Of Tanks: Free War Tanks Game For PC

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World Of Tanks is a free war tanks game available for your PC download. Drive your war tanks, kill the enemies, capture their base, and defeat them.

World of tanks is completely a war tank game, in which you have to drive the tanks on your own and kill the enemies or defend your base. You need to be online to play this game, and you will get a fruitful experience for the 4 GB download size. The download may take a lot of time if you have a slow connection and after installation the game occupies 15 GB of your hard disk. But once you start playing, you will stay on it for hours, and you wont even regret the download size; because the game graphics are really good.

worldoftanks war tanks game

About This Free War Tanks Game:

World Of Tanks is complete mass multiplayer game which is played using an internet connection. You will control a tank on your own and you have to shoot down the enemies. You will be allotted a team and your aim is not to get killed. If you get killed, you will loose a tank and you can recover it by being successful in the next game by using an other tank.

After installation of this free war tanks game just register in WorldofTanks website; with your email, Google, or Facebook account. Then use these login details in the game to sign in and you will be directed to your garage. The game opened in a different sized window on my computer screen, so I had to press escape and go to the graphics settings and choose full screen mode. Then everything looked very clear and better. Then you will see a garage of tanks and many other details as shown in below screenshot.

worldoftanks garage

Choose from any of those four light tanks or one medium tank. The complete details of every tank is given: hit points, weight, speed, engine power, armor, rate of fire, etc. You can also see the credits and experience points you have gained by playing those battles. Below battle option you can choose from options like: platoon, team training, tank company, and random battle. Choose random battle if you want to start playing right away. You will be accommodated into a random battle online. There will be count down till all players are ready and then you will be in a random location, with your team player indicated in green and opposite team players in red. You can see the map on the right bottom and your team score on left, opposite team score on the right. The alive tanks are indicated in bright white color and dead ones in a red background. See the below screenshot to get a rough idea of what your gameplay screen looks like.

worldoftanks gameplay

Controls of World of Tanks:

The controls of World Of Tanks are simple like any other 3D platform game. Still let’s have a look at them:

  • Use [WASD] to move your tank.
  • Use your mouse to move the cannon or for shooting the enemy.
  • Left click to shoot.
  • Scroll mouse to zoom in or out.
  • Use escape button to return to the garage.
  • Press F1 for help; where you can see all the controls and help you want.

Just hide in the bushes or behind buildings and shoot the enemies. Chat with your allies by pressing enter and write and the enter again to send the chat. When you see the enemy at sight just take your shot and move from that place or else they will start shooting back. If you want to get extra updates then you need to have gold coins but they are available only by purchasing them. If your defeat the enemies then you will be victorious and you will get more points or else you will get less points. But don’t worry about the speed of your tank, they are really slow because the game concentrates more on reality.

worldoftanks score

Play this Wonderful war tanks game on your computer and have fun. The sound effects make you feel as if you are inside a real tank. If you feel the download size really bothers you, then try: Battle Tanks 2 or Sky Battle.

Click here to Download World Of Tanks.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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