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Coma is a free platform game to play online. You have to explore this cartoon styled world and rescue your sister from the basement of your house.

Coma is a different styled free platform game. Coma is a game with simple controls, simple graphics, and extraordinary background music. This game is similar to famous Limbo game and if you are missing Limbo because it’s paid, then this game can fulfill your thirst. So, try this browser based game and rescue your sister.

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Free Platform Game Coma:

In Coma you play the role of Pete, a small adorable kid. A bird helps you all the way and it reveals that, your father has locked your sister in the basement. Now you have to find the secret password to the basement and find your sister. This game is full of hidden switches, keys, secret tunnels, etc. Listen to every character that you come across and judge yourself what to do next.

The game is a cartoon styled game, which starts from your house piano room and the ending is the same point. The graphics are all dark; when you are in the open it’s so blissful and when you are in tunnels, underground then it’s creepy. You just have to move along and find clues that lead to the basement. Keep trying every corner and give attention to small details in the game. No, one’s going to kill you; only complication is that you might get stuck in middle or at dead ends. Just go back or look here and there for secret switches or jump here and there, to make a way. The most amazing part is when you enter s different world in which left is right and right is left (the controls get reversed automatically). You can get a clear picture of the game by watching the video below.

Controls Of Coma game:

The controls of Coma game are pretty simple and basic:

  • Up arrow to jump.
  • Left arrow to move left.
  • Right arrow to move right.
  • Use your mouse left click to click on answer options and proceed further.

You just have to discover this imaginary world and find out what will happen in the ending (a pretty different ending than expected). By seeing the ending I felt that, may be there’s a sequence coming up soon. So, try it out yourself.

coma platform game

Coma is a different themed free platform game. The graphics are good and I personally liked the soundtrack very much. Click here to listen and download it. You can also try other adventurous online games like: Sequester and Armed with wings.

Click here to Play Coma Online.

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