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Sequester is a free online puzzle game with a twist. Play this unusual online puzzle game and find out what happens in the end.

In this game you have to solve puzzles in a cubical location of your dreams. You need to think in all directions and use your innovative thinking to solve the puzzles. Kind of horror game with simple puzzle solving style.

online puzzle game sequester

About This Online Puzzle Game:

This online puzzle game is different from other puzzle games. In normal puzzle games you use the arrow keys to move up, down, left, and right but in this game you have to use the same arrow keys to move your character in a 3D direction. You will be moving your character from one dimension to other dimension of a cubic like location. You have to think and move your character in this cubical location. Sometimes you just have to jump into open space to land on the next dimension of the cube; you may even need to move your character in the air while falling to avoid landing on spikes.

You just walk into open space and the cube automatically revolves when you walk. Look at those spaces in the below screenshot, you might get a slight idea of what I’m talking about. You can also see behind the cubical location in a faded form. You can also see clues in those wall designs (if you have a keen observation) as in below screenshot you can see “UP?” written.

online puzzle game sequester level

So, basically the boy is in search of his sister, who went missing on her birthday. But what happens is he searches for her in his dreams and she will be narrating her story, helping him throughout his journey. He get’s up from his bed and he has to reach the door to exit as shown in below screenshot. So, he will be travelling through his dreams to reach his sister, in between he has to escape from ghosts and other creatures too. You don’t have any weapons to kill them because obviously you are a cute small kid. You have to just use [WASD] keys to make your way through and mouse for changing options. [W] is used to jump and climb ladders. [S] to climb down ladders or exit dreams. [A] and [D] to move left and right.

In this game, the first few levels are like introduction to the game concepts. Later you will be introduced to teleports, switches, ghosts which follow you, etc. The game get’s harder as you progress through. If you get stuck or want to see other options then the top right of game screen has options menu and sound OFF/ON options.

online puzzle game sequester exit

Sequester is an interesting and different online puzzle game. The graphics and sound effects are spooky enough to give a creepy feeling. Just try it out and help the poor kid. Want to try more puzzle games like this then try Wonderputt Online and Against the Wall on PC.

Click here to Play Sequester.

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