Free Logic Based Online Golf Game: Wonderputt

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Wonderputt is a free online Golf game; where you have to play the game with logic. Play this logic game which is more like a golf game played on a different platform as shown in the below screenshot.

You must have tried Golf Game on Facebook and felt like the legend Tiger Woods. But this game is quite different from conventional golf game. The ball drops from the sky like an Asteroid and then you start your journey to drive the ball to its destination. Though it’s a 2D game, the structure is all 3D, and you also have to think and play in that aspect only. Try this online golf game and have fun.

online golf game

The platform which you see in the above screenshot, changes every time you drive the ball into the hole. The ball travels through the whole platform in different ways; it travels through lifts, submarines, escalator, etc. The bottom line is, the game is very interesting but small. I’m writing about this game because I had sheer fun playing it. The only motto which makes you stay on it for long time, is to compete with your own score and achieve the best score. Collect all the spherical rainbows to score more (as shown in below screenshot) and shoot the ball into the hole in less number of turns.

wonderputt rainbow

The controls are pretty simple, you just have to use your mouse to shoot the ball. Move the mouse around the ball and it shows an arrow, the more you move away from it, the more power it gets. Left click when you have adjusted your direction and power. Check out the below screenshot to see a pictorial description of instructions. The first point shows you how to shoot, the second depicts that you have to pick the spherical rainbows, and third point shows how the rainbow completes level by level.

wonderputt play

Once you have completed the whole game, the score board will show how much time you took to complete this online golf game, and how many stroke points, wonder points, time points, and total points you have got. You can view previous scores and best scores also. You can jump to any of the level you have completed or else play the whole game again. You can also see what achievements you have earned during the game: Putt Putt Pass Badge, 1 Ball 1 Cup 1 Stroke Badge, and It’s a Wonderputt life badge, and you get extra points for these.

wonderputt score

Play this online golf game and have fun; it also has cows, aliens, toads, fishes, torpedoes, etc. If you have any problem loading, then try it in a different browser. You can check out the other logic game named Against The Wall.

Click here to Play Wonderputt.

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