Free Facebook Game: Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

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Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is a free Facebook game. I have always been a fan of online sports games and Facebook golf is special. There are many free online games out there but Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour online is a by-product of EA sports online and Facebook. You get a chance to be a part of the PGA tour in your Facebook World.

PGA Tour is a famous event in the USA, and Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour online copies every element of the PGA Tour, right from the course details to the clubs and caddies. All you need to have some knowledge and experience on online golf games. Some information on PGA tour would come handy. You want to become a pro like Tiger Woods, right ?


How this free Facebook game works ?

Gamers could play practice games or championship events in this free Facebook game. Facebook games are better than other online games because of the interactive gameplay. In Facebook Tiger Woods PGA tour online, you start out as an amateur and gradually promote yourself to a full-time pro on the online PGA Tour. You gain experience and cash according to your progress in this online golf game. With the cash you earn in the free Facebook game, you can buy clubs, golf carts and other accessories. On course, you could alter the trajectory, distance and the power behind every shot. The experience you earn helps you to climb levels in this online PGA Tour. To play this online golf game, all you need is a Facebook account and the grit of Tiger Woods.

The missing element in every Facebook game is the chat service, you could use Rounds where you can play and chat as well.

Features of Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online :

  • Virtual Reality of the PGA Tour.
  • Step by Step Tutorial, you can learn to play golf while playing this game.
  • No separate account, you can play the online golf game with your Facebook account.
  • Free game, this is a free Facebook game.
  • Mouse operated game, you don’t have to use the keyboard to play online golf.

How to play Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online ?

  • Visit the Homepage.
  • Click on Play Now.
  • Fill the form with your details. Remember, the email id should be same as your Facebook Account.
  • The game manager asks you to install Unity web player. Click on install now.
  • After installing Unity web player, click on Play the Challenge.

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Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is an interesting online golf game on Facebook. Make sure to try out this free Facebook Game.

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