Facebook Madden NFL Superstars: Free Facebook Game

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Facebook Madden NFL Superstars is a free Facebook game. It is a unique online NFL game. Online NFL games are hard to come by, so when I got a chance to try it out, I just freaked out. Free Facebook games have come a long way since its initiation, Facebook Madden NFL superstars is every gamers dream. It is a niche sport and so doesn’t find many takers. But than EA is known, has been known for pampering the whims of every single gamer, and when you add Facebook to that equation, abracadabra, a brand new free Facebook game, Facebook Madden NFL Superstars at your very own system. Be sure to join the trail now.

Facebook Madden NFL superstars requires you to win matches, create your own football franchise, draft players, build NFL stadiums and attract NFL fans. The gameplay of Facebook Madden NFL Superstars is kept realistically simple and it simulates a real life NFL team. You are pitted against other teams and have regular practice sessions to maintain your fitness. Whenever a free Facebook game is launched, it caters to a big audience and a lot of media hype which could go both ways, but Facebook Madden NFL superstars doesn’t disappoint. Gamers will be pleased to comply.

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Features of Facebook Madden NFL Superstars :

  • It’s free, (a free Facebook game is double the fun, right ?)
  • Mouse Driven game, you operate the game through the mouse only, no more jabbing keys.
  • Strategy, Create your teams, manage your stadiums, play with other teams, you are not only a player here but a manager as well so you could strategize like a NFL coach.
  • You don’t need to create a separate account.
  • No upgrades required, you don’t need to upgrade your system, it is a browser-based game.

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How to play Facebook Madden NFL Superstars :

  • Go to the homepage.
  • Click on Play Now
  • The Facebook page opens, Click on allow.

Facebook Madden NFL Superstars is a free Facebook game for avid NFL gamers. It’s pure fun from the tussle to the touchdown. But, remember to pass the ball.

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