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Facebook Mafia Wars is a free Facebook game that players to enter the world of crime. Set along the lines of The Godfather, this free game allows its users to set up their gangs and become the Underworld Don of the city. Mafia wars Facebook starts with certain small assignments, after which the player advances to the next level of crime. As one proceeds, he/she advances to the next rank as well.

Players can earn game cash after they get a job done in Mafia wars Facebook. They earn experience points as well as game cash after each assignment.The game cash helps you further to get articles in your inventory to complete advanced jobs, or, buy a property to increase your revenue in the game. Certain assignments have loot bonuses on them which could be some extra money, weapons or automobiles. These “loots” can help you in other aspects of the Mafia Wars as well.

There are several indicators in Mafia Wars viz. health, energy, stamina and experience. These help you to do a job or fight it out as  a boss or an associate. Stamina helps you to do a job. Health and energy help the player to fight their enemies. So, the fun element is always there as  it has a logical approach. Also, you can fight it out with your Facebook friends.

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USP of Mafia Wars Facebook:

  • It’s different, you are in the criminal setup in this free Facebook game and you won’t get arrested for it.
  • Pure logic, the game has features which are based on real life logic and strategies.
  • Fun factor, it has a pastime attribute to it. It is fun for those who play board games. You are not committing crimes in real life
  • Mouse driven game, you don’t have to jab your fingers over the keyboard again and again
  • No downloads, play it on Facebook. It doesn’t affect the memory of your HDD.
  • User support, is generally quick. So if you have some problems following the instructions or if the game app is not loading on your browser, just email customer care.

If Facebook is blocked in your office, you can try to play games on email. And for more savvy gamers, you can also create video games.


  • Facebook Mafia Wars has no animations. Unlike Farmville, you don’t see moving objects.
  • The game app targets a specific niche.
  • You cannot chat with your friends in Facebook Mafia Wars. If you want to have an audio and video chat in the game itself, you should try Rounds, another free Facebook game.
  • You need a Facebook account for it.

How to play Mafia Wars

  1. Use Facebook login. Search for Mafia wars.

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2.  After you reach the Mafia Wars Facebook page, then click on “Play Now” button.


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3.  Follow the instructions which appear on the game page .

Facebook Mafia Wars Cheats:

  1. Facebook Mafia Wars has three categories: Maniac, Fearless and Mogul. Always choose Maniac, as you gain energy quickly.
  2. Purchase chain saws for your henchmen. They cause more destruction to your enemies. It has 22 attack and 22 defense.
  3. Purchase of the town car is an absolute necessity.
  4. Don’t play the hit list at earlier stages.You get targeted in return. It is better to earn less game cash than to get more damage on your health.

I personally recommend Mafia Wars to people who are Grand Theft Auto players as Mafia Wars game app  delivers the thrill and excitement of the world of crime without the guilt of committing an actual crime.

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