Rounds: Chat, Video Chat, Play Games, Watch Videos with Friends Together

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Rounds is a free application to truly engage with your friends. You can audio or video chat with your friends. Apart from that, you can play games with them together, watch Youtube together, listen to  music, share pictures, and do much more. This is one of the best application to truly enjoy with friends, even if you are geographically apart. Frankly speaking, this looks like Facebook 2.0 to me.

Rounds (earlier known as 6Rounds) works within the Facebook environment as well as a browser based application, and even as a Google Chrome extension.To use Rounds, you start with creating a free account.  Then you invite a friend to have one on one Round with you. Here is the best part: You can even ask Rounds to automatically hook you up with someone based on common interests. That’s neat.

It appears these days nearly every man, or woman, and his or her dog are members of this social website and the numbers are growing daily. It stands to reason that Facebook friends would enjoy, if not love, being able to see the person or persons they are chatting with. While using the application within Facebook, there is no download required as the application is interactive through Facebook.

Using this free application will bring friends in other countries, into your living room. It also allows you to join other conversations (on request of course) and meet new friends.


Here are some of the feature of Rounds:

  • Easy to use with a fast connection.
  • Video chats live with friends from all over the world.
  • Share Flickr photos and together view Google maps and other applications.
  • Play games and watch Youtube videos with your chat friend.
  • Listen to the same music and discuss while the song is playing.
  • Share files and other applications
  • Clicking on the array of different icons, one can customize the video to show you wearing a mask, snow flakes falling, and a slew of other video options.
  • Change the background skins.
  • Visit other people in different chats and make new friends.

The above options and features are just some of what this free application promises. If you’re an avid Facebook user and at times long for the option of actually seeing the person you are chatting with, then setting up this free utility will add a new dimension to your Facebook activities.

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Rounds is particularly useful at special times of the year. If you’re living in a different country and at Christmas, for example, you have a desire to speak with family and friends back in your home country, Rounds let’s you, not only hear your friends and family, but see them as well.

The next time you are checking out your Facebook messages and news, make sure you’ve got free Rounds ready to start.

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