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Update 2022: This service no longer exists.

MailGames24 is a free email games service that lets you play games using email. You can choose any friend whom you want to play games with, and then play games by just sending email. There are many games that you can play on email, including, Chess, 4 in a Row, and Gomoku. MailGames24 is completely free, and you do not need to create any account to play games.

To play games on email, just go to MailGames24, and choose the game that you want to play. Then you need to specify your email address, and your opponent’s email address. MailGames24 will then send you an email which will have the complete game board, and will have instructions that how can you make your move. For example, if you choose to play chess on email, it will show the complete chess board. To make a move, you just need to reply to that email, and specify the move that you are making (like e2e3).


MailGames24 will then send an email to your opponent, and will show the new game board which shows the move that you have made. Your opponent can then also make his/her move by simply replying to that email.

There is no time limitation on the game. You can play the same game for a day, weeks, or even months. Just reply at your leisure. Also check out free music games software.

MailGames is a very nice concept, and perfectly suited for office environment. This ensures that you are not playing games actively, but still have something to relax with.

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