Armed With Wings 3: Free Action Adventure Game Online

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Armed With Wings 3 is a free sword fighting game available online on Kongregate website. Play this excellent action filled adventurous game for free.

Sun studios have come up with another game in this series of Armed With Wings. Armed With Wings 3 is a little different from the game Culmination. But the theme and graphics are as interesting as Culmination game.

armed with wings

Start Your Journey:

The World is in the ending phase and a few villages are left; that exist in peace. An evil is prevailing on earth, destroying everything and everyone. Leo is the character you will be controlling and helping him in killing the evils. In this version of Armed Wings, you are not armed with wings but you are armed with an Eagle. Your goal is to stop the evil from spreading the darkness and destroying everything.

Armed With Wings has a total of 30 levels in 6 chapters. You have to face 6 epic bosses to complete this game. You can also play survival mode to compete with all the evils and score high to compare with players all over the World. You can also check out the unlocked sound tracks and cut scenes; which are worth enjoying.

armed with wings 3 story

In the main screen you have options to choose from Story mode, Survival mode, and Bonus content. First go through Story mode to have a look at the interesting scenes of the game. Then you will be given a small introduction on how to play the game. In the beginning you help your mother to patrol the village. You will be trained on how to use the weapons and the Eagle; which is there to help you. Sometimes you have to play with the Eagle to unlock doors or to jump to higher heights. You have to meet the trainer after you earn some points to enhance your health, speed, damage, and skills. You can use the points you have earned to upgrade your fighting style. You will be fighting with small evil villains in the beginning of the story but in the end of each level you have to defeat a bigger evil boss.

armed with wings fighting

In the survival mode, you will have to fight as many as evil villains as you can and the bosses too. In this mode you can play with the character that you developed or upgraded in the story mode. In bonus content you will find music tracks of the game and cut scenes.

Controls Of Armed With Wings 3:

The controls of Armed With Wings 3 are:

  • Arrow keys to control the character.
  • [W] to toggle Eagle mode.
  • [ASD] to melee attack, weapon attack, and special attack.

The weapons and Eagle mode are shown at the bottom left and health & experience points are shown on top left.

Armed With Wings game

Armed With Wings 3 is an ultimate sword fighting game; worth trying. The adventure and puzzles in between, makes the game more interesting. You can also try: Boss Rush and Sequester.

Click here to play Armed With Wings 3.

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