5 Bouncing Ball Games For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 bouncing ball games for Android which can be used by those who are looking for new ways how to kill time and boredom using their Android powered tablet or smartphone. Games that I covered down below require you to either use the on-screen controls or device sensors in order to control a bouncing ball through levels with varying degrees of difficulty.

Let’s see what kind of fun games I managed to find.

Red Ball 4

bouncing ball games android 1

Red Ball 4 is a fun bouncing ball game that I personally play to unwind a bit before sleep. On-screen controls are used for moving the ball forwards/backwards (on the left) and there’s another button on the right for bouncing the ball.

Game also adds puzzle solving into the mix. You will need to combine boxes, levers, rotating wheels, and so on in order to jump over stuff and/or climb walls. Main antagonists of the game are squares, which are trying to convert all the balls into squares. 60 levels are available.

Get Red Ball 4.

Bouncy Ball

bouncing ball games android 2

What’s great about Bouncy Ball is the fact that here you don’t need to tap on the screen for the ball to bounce. Bouncing is automatic and you just need to move backwards/forwards.

Of course the game won’t make things easy for you. There are lots of different dangers like blocks with spikes, empty blocks, areas without blocks, and so on. Game itself provides over 800 levels, but there’s also a map editor that you can use to create custom levels of your own.

Get Bouncy Ball.

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Bouncing Ball by ketchapp

bouncing ball games android 3

It took a bit longer than I care to admit to figure out how Bouncing Ball by Ketchapp is played, but once I figured it out it wasn’t very easy to break away from the game.

Here the ball also bounces forward automatically, but you can also tap on the screen to bounce more aggressively. In fact you have to tap on the screen to space out the bounces so that you avoid the spikes that are coming up ahead. It’s basically flappy bird with ball bouncing.

Get Bouncing Ball by ketchapp.

Bounce Ball

bouncing ball games android 4

In Bounce Ball the ball also moves forward automatically and your goal is to avoid hitting obstacles like rocks, crates and venomous plants.

Game is lost if the ball hits something and stops. It needs to move all the time, otherwise you lose. Around 100 levels are available and they are spread out in 3 categories.

Get Bounce Ball.

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Bounce Original

bouncing ball games android 5

Those who would like to experience a bit of a blast from the past should have a look at Bounce Original.

To be fair there really isn’t that much bouncing in this game, but the thing that makes Bounce Original interesting is the fact that it lets you enjoy in the old classic from Nokia phones on your Android powered tablet or smartphone. Goal is to go through all the rings on the levels without touching the spikes, because spikes mean death.

Get Bounce Original.


All 5 of the bouncing ball games for Android from the list above were fun to play. My favorites are Red Ball 4, Bouncing Ball by ketchapp and Bounce Original, but you can’t really go wrong, no matter which one you choose. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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