4 Free Password Managers for Google Chrome

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Here are 4 free password manager extensions for Google Chrome. These password managers for Chrome help you store your passwords so that you can login to websites quickly, and do not need to type passwords all the time.

A bigger advantage of such password managers is that you do not need to keep same password for each site, as a password manager can remember all the different passwords for you.

LastPass Password Manager Extension for Chrome

LastPass Chrome

LastPass is one of the best free password managers for Google Chrome. Apart from Google Chrome, you can install LastPass for other browsers also, including IE and Firefox. This ensures that it can store passwords for all your websites, and log you in them irrespective of the browser you are on.

When you install LastPass password manager for Chrome, it will show up as a small icon in top right corner of your Chrome browser. You start with creating a free account. Just click on the LastPass icon, and you will get an option to create account there. Once you have created the account, just login to LastPass extension with that information, and LastPass will start managing your passwords.

When you login to any website, LastPass will capture its login information, and next time you can login to that website directly by using LastPass. LastPass is a really easy to use free password manager for Chrome. Download it here.

RoboForm Online Password Manager for Chrome

Roboform Chrome

Roboform Online password manager is another good free password manager for Chrome. It stores all your passwords online in encrypted form on Roboform’s servers. Apart from saving passwords, Roboform can also generate a secure password for you.

Download Roboform chrome extension here.

Some other Chrome extensions you might also be interested in are Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmal extensions for Chrome, and to do list extensions for Chrome.

Passter Password Manager for Chrome

Passter Chrome

Passter password manager extension for Chrome also stores all your password information, but it works a bit differently than LastPass and Roboform. It stores the password information in Google Docs account, instead of its own servers. This makes it a bit more secure as Google docs servers are supposed to be more secure, and difficult to hack in. Passter doesn’t even stores any password information on its own servers, and you don’t even need to create a Passter account. Try Passter extension for Chrome here.

Mitto Password Manager for Chrome

Mitto Password manager for Chrome works in similar manager as LastPass. It works with all the browsers, and you need to create a free Mitto account. After that you can install Mitto for all the browsers, and then auto login to websites. Mitto password manager manages your passwords securely. Download Mitto password manager for Chrome here.

All these free Password managers for Chrome help you securely manage your passwords. Also check out Keyscrambler to fool keystroke loggers.

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